We’re the only Citrix gold solution adviser in central England.

We’re the only Citrix gold solution adviser in central England.

If your company is located anywhere across the centre of the UK, you have a Citrix Gold solution adviser in your area.  But only one.

There are just 20 in the whole of the UK and, as you would expect, most of these are in London and the south east.

The main cities of Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham can’t boast a single one.

But look right in the middle of your UK map and you’ll find Milford, just to the north of Derby. And that’s also where you’ll find Axess Systems.

Now I know that in this digital age it’s possible to do business with anyone, wherever they are in the world. But there are advantages to working with your local Citrix gold solution adviser.

After all, installations are hard to do remotely. But having us close by means that when required, we can be on your doorstep quickly.
To become a Gold Solution Adviser we had to demonstrate to Citrix that we have a high level of expertise and commitment to the Citrix technologies. And we continue to work closely with them to successfully deliver Citrix solutions to our customers.

Our engineers currently hold 29 Citrix Certifications but we haven’t finished yet.

Dan Challinor  achieved 94% in his recent Citrix virtualisation exams. Not bad when you consider the pass mark was 56%.

If you need a Citrix  expert, there are 94 reasons why you should speak to Dan.

Axess Systems are the only Citrix gold solution adviser in central England

And one of only 20 across the UK

Citrix certifications held 29