What are your thoughts on remote working?

What are your thoughts on remote working?

It was the national work from home day on Friday 19th May that prompted me to write this post on Linkedin.

Ed Morton

I wanted to hear your thoughts on remote working, and I still do.

Technology may be changing fast but attitudes take time to change.  Remote working is now a real possibility for many people, but there is still a perception that remote workers are lazy, anti-social, unproductive and lounge around all day in their pyjamas.

You may be one of the enlightened one’s, but unfortunately there are still an awful lot of managers that are not comfortable with allowing remote working.

They assume remote workers are disconnected from the rest of the team, but actually they can be more sociable and make more effort to build strong relationships.

This new image for a typical remote worker is demonstrated in a report by Future Workplace and Polycom called ”The human face of remote networking.” The report gathered data from over 25,000 people across 12 countries: USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, UK, India, Singapore, Germany, Russia, France, Australia and China.

The report also shows the benefits don’t just favour the employee. There are substantial benefits for employers too. You’ll gain access to talent, potentially globally and you don’t have the expense of providing office space for each and every worker.

Staff retention will also be better as you’ll be offering a better work-life balance while receiving greater engagement, loyalty and improved productivity.

And when you’re hiring, offering remote and flexible working puts you ahead of your competitors.

If you don’t have the technology to offer remote and flexible working, the benefits of better productivity and better talent retention, will be passing you by.

But if you do have the technology but you’re still keeping your workers chained to their desks, please tell me why.

However, if you have the technology and your workers use it, please feel free to share your experience.