Important message for 360°Support Customers

Important message for 360°Support Customers

Advice hours with Ashley BarlowIf you’re a 360°Support customer, you have free VIP access to our weekly 360°adviceHours session.  

So whenever you need to explore the viability of your ideas without making any commitments, come along and join the discussion.

The sessions are a sounding board where you’ll get expert advice on any aspect of your Virtualised or Cloud environment.

You can address your questions to me or even throw it open to the other participants. There’s a good chance that someone has already resolved the same issue so you’ll benefit from their experience.

And it’s for those times when you just want to bounce an idea around or to explore the suitability of new product features for your business. If you’d like to pick the brains of the best virtualisation and cloud professionals in the UK, now you can. For free.

Sessions last about an hour and we’ll send you an email with the date/time and login details for each week’s session.

If you’re not already receiving these notification emails, you’re missing out on a really useful service. So let us know and we’ll add you to the list for the next session.

Come and join the discussion and get free expert advice.

The 360°adviceHours service was designed with you in mind.

I’ll be there, come and join me.

Ashley Barlow
Technical Consultant

Tel: 01773 882602