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What are your thoughts on remote working?

It was the national work from home day on Friday 19th May that prompted me to write this post on Linkedin. I wanted to hear your thoughts on remote working, and I still do. Technology may be changing fast but attitudes take time to change.  Remote working is now a real possibility for many people, […]

Wear your medal with pride Rory

Rory’s been mentioned on these pages before for his technical achievements in Microsoft’s IT apprentice of the year competition. Well, on the 9th April 2017, running with his father, Rory completed the Derby 10k run. He’s not saying which of them came in first but they both finished as the official picture will prove. 10K […]

Watch Again: Changes to Citrix Software Assurance and Software Maintenance

Webinar: Advice to all Citrix Customers: Important Changes to Citrix Software Assurance and Software Maintenance Listen to a recording of a webinar and hear what Adam Oakes from Citrix describe as the "the biggest change to Citrix licencing in 7 years." Make sure you are prepared, know what you need to do, and how it [...]

Thinking of Moving to Virtualisation?

If you’ve ever considered moving to a virtualised IT environment, you don’t need me to tell you the many benefits it would bring to your company. And if you’ve not made the move yet, it may be because you still have questions, doubts or worries about the process. And that’s not surprising. After all, there’s […]

The GDPR clock has started ticking!

New EU data protection rules published Today (4th May 2016) the new EU data protection rules have been published in the Official Journal of the EU. The new rules take the form of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a regulation that will be directly applicable across all 28 EU member states and will modernize and [...]

The Beginning of the end for Thin Clients?

Blog: The beginning of the end for Thin Clients? News from global market intelligence firm, IDC reports sales of Thin Clients fell by 6.9% in 2015. This may lead you to think Thin Clients have had their day, and examine whether they should be part of your future desktop infrastructure plans. But as a company [...]

Watch Again: How to plan for ‘VDI in a Box’ going EOL

Webinar: How to plan for 'Citrix VDI in a Box' going EOL. If you are using Citrix 'VDI in a Box' you need to start planning for it going EoL in 2017. Listen again to a recording of the webinar. You'll find out the information you need in order to successfully plan your migration from Citrix [...]

Watch Again: How you can help avoid a data breach

Webinar: How you can help avoid being the next organisation to be talked about for a data breach. Listen again to the recording of a webinar where you'll find out the steps you need to take to improve your data security. Presented by Heath Roberts from Axess Systems and Ameneh Zaher from leading data protection [...]

Cloud Based Disaster Recovery: The Cost Effective Solution

If you take the DIY option, a good Disaster Recovery (DR) plan will require additional data centre space, IT infrastructure and IT resources. All of which come at a price. And don’t forget the additional staff and their training. The costs associated with DR meant that until recently, it could only be afforded by larger […]

Don’t forget, it’s Flexible Working Awareness Day on 6th May!

Blog: Don't forget, it's Flexible Working Awareness Day on 6th May! By Heath Roberts I’m not great remembering dates, so I’m not surprised I didn’t know it was Flexible Working Awareness Day on 6th May. It’s probably not one which Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo remembers either. And she certainly won’t be implementing it at Yahoo [...]
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