Managed Cloud Services Overview

By working with Axess Systems you will create a pathway to a cloud solution which will increase the profitability of your company.”
Our Managed Cloud Portfolio includes:

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Private Cloud
Hybrid Cloud
Public Cloud
Disaster Recovery as a Service – DRaaS
Back-up as a Service – BaaS

The phrase “Cloud” has been responsible for much confusion in IT. It’s used to describe everything from a single application to an entire IT infrastructure.

A plain English explanation of the ‘cloud’ and the many benefits it can bring to your business

If you have to deal with ‘techie’ people you’ll hear them mention it almost every day. They talk about the cloud as though everybody knows what they’re on about.

Now, I have no idea who came up with this term to mean “connecting to another computer via the internet”

And that’s it.

Put simply, cloud computing, means that instead of having everything you need on your own computer, you store it on another computer that is accessible over the internet.

What does cloud mean to you?

The chances are you will have a different interpretation of the term cloud from other people.

But this isn’t important.

The reason being when you are looking to move your IT to the cloud, there isn’t a one size fits all approach. Everything needs to be aligned to your needs, and they are always going to be different.

What benefits do you want to achieve by moving to the cloud?

In the first place we focus on two simple aspects. We ask you:

What aspect of your IT are you considering moving to a cloud solution
What benefits do you want to achieve for you, your users, your customers and your organisation by moving your IT to the cloud?

By focussing on these two factors, we can then start answering the questions you will have about the path you should be taking.

We provide you with information on the advantages and disadvantages of the various pathways open to you and provide you with a clear understanding of the technology involved.

Cloud Readiness Assessment Report

Understanding if you are ready to move to the cloud

At this point you will start to work with one of our Cloud Architects who will provide assess your existing IT Systems. You will receive a scientific insight in to:

Your user experience
Application performance and characteristics
Connectivity of your premises and locations
Infrastructure requirements
Security and compliance requirements
Skills and Resource requirements
Your future aspirations
Financing options

By doing this you will have a risk free method of ensuring your cloud solution is not over provisioned or reliant on guess work and assumptions.

Designing the best option for you

Your solution is designed from a technical and performance perspective. Gaps will clearly be identified and also highlight the best package to fit your needs. Gaps can be plugged with our value add service bundles ensuring your only pay for what you need.

See our Cloud Managed Services:

Cloud Managed Desktops
Cloud Managed Applications
Cloud Managed Business Continuity

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