Managed Cloud Desktops

Saving you time, money and increasing flexibility


A move to virtualised desktops will bring many benefits to your company.  The main benefits are shown below but they can be summarised quite simply as saving you both time and money.

If you take a couple of minutes to read this page you’ll discover for yourself why so many businesses are grasping this technology with both hands.


Simplify the Management of Your IT.

  • No more lengthy workstation upgrades
  • Configure new users in seconds
  • Easily control file permissions

Because everything will reside on the secure server, maintenance and admin tasks become much easier to perform.

No longer will you have to carry out tasks on every single PC. Tasks only need be performed once. It’s quick, it’s simple and every user benefits from the update.


Reduce Your IT Costs

You’ll have less hardware to maintain and fewer applications to administer. Task are quicker to as they only need to be performed once rather than on every single device.

(This will also result in fewer support calls)

Virtualisation makes hot-desking a possibility. And because it also allows staff to work from home, many companies are reducing the office space they require.


Work from anywhere in the world

You can use any device that has internet access (phones, tablets or even laptops) to log in, from wherever you happen to be. You’ll then see the same icons and even the same background picture you’re used to seeing in the office.

If you’re in the office, you can also gain access on your PC, laptop or using one of the new ‘thin clients’ (a simplified computer in a small lightweight package)

As an added bonus, if anyone’s pc or laptop dies, they can just log on from another device and carry on working where they left off.



Your virtual desktop system can be scaled up or down to match your business needs. You’ll no longer have to worry when staff numbers change.

As your company grows, new staff can be added to the system quickly, without having to leave your office.


Increased security

Every application and all your data, is held on the secure server, never on the devices. If a device is lost or stolen, it does not contain any sensitive information so your security cannot be compromised.

And if your office were to burn down tonight, you could carry on working as no data would have been lost.

Something similar happened to one of our clients recently. Because of a fire in an adjacent building, they were denied access to their offices for four days. So they all went home, logged in and carried on working.


Your job is to dream. Ours is to make that dream a reality

If you want to bring these benefits to your business, call us now on 01773 882 602.

We’ll work with you all the way to make your dream a come true.

Our Managed Cloud Infrastructure Portfolio includes:

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Public Cloud

The term “Cloud” has been responsible for much confusion in IT. It’s used to describe everything from a single application to an entire IT infrastructure.

When you are looking to move your IT to the cloud, there isn’t a one size fits all approach.

That’s why we adapt to match you business requirements. To make sure you get the benefits you need.

What benefits do you want to achieve by moving to the cloud?

To ensure you get the benefits you need for your users, your customers and your organisation, we”’ start be asking the questions we need to understand your wishes.

Then we can answer the questions you will have about the path you should be taking.

We’ll highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the various pathways open to you and provide you with a clear understanding of the technology involved.

Your Cloud Readiness Assessment Report

Understanding if you are ready to move to the cloud

Our Cloud Architects will analyse you current IT Systems and then compile your cloud readiness report

The report will give you a real insight in to:

  • User experience
  • Application performance and characteristics
  • Connectivity of your premises and locations
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Security and compliance requirements
  • Skills and Resource requirements
  • Your future aspirations
    Financing options

This will give you a risk free method of ensuring your cloud solution is not over provisioned or reliant on guess work and assumptions.

Designing the best option for you

Your solution is designed from a technical and performance perspective. Gaps will clearly be identified and also highlight the best package to fit your needs. Gaps can be plugged with our value add service bundles ensuring your only pay for what you need.

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