4th February 2016 – Webinar – How to plan for ‘VDI in a Box’ going End of Life

4th February 2016 – Webinar – How to plan for ‘VDI in a Box’ going End of Life

Live Webinar: How to plan for ‘VDI in a Box’ going End of Life.

Thursday 4th February 2016 at 11am GMT

Presented by Ashley Barlow – Senior Virtualisation & Cloud Specialist, Axess Systems

And Heath Roberts – Marketing Director, Axess Systems

This webinar is designed specifically for IT Managers who currently run Citrix VDI in a Box.


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If this applies to you, I’m sure you’re aware this popular software is going End of Life, during 2016 and 2017.

It’s tempting to treat this as a straightforward product replacement. But if you do this you would be missing a great opportunity.

Since Citrix bought Kavisa and launched VDI in a Box in 2011, the technology and market place has moved on greatly.

Understanding the new options you have available and which way is best for you, your users and your organisation is key.

This webinar will help you:

  • Understand all of the options available to you
  • Understand which options you should be assessing
  • Find the information needed to develop your short list
  • Identify the best way forward based on facts, not gut feel
  • Know the steps you need to take to ensure you take the right path

Leading the webinar is Senior Virtualisation and Cloud Specialist, Ashley Barlow.

Ashley, has led this process with household names, alongside smaller deployments.

And he will share with you this hands-on knowledge.

Joining Ashley, is Heath Roberts, Marketing Director of Axess Systems.

Heath will highlight the commercial, and business considerations you need to take into account.

Along with how to pitch to your case to your Senior Management Team.

We are expecting high demand for this webinar.

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