Improve Operational Efficiency

Many technology companies get wrapped up in features of technology, rather than focusing how technology will deliver real results to you, your users and your organisation.

By understanding how cloud and virtualisation can create a competitive advantage by improving your operational efficiency you don’t just position your organisation, you position IT at the heart of the organisation.

And who better to do this with than Axess Systems.

A core reason why IT Leaders trust Axess Systems is our ability to work with you to adopt cloud and virtualisation technology which enables your organisations to be more efficient.

We want you to be able to do more with less. And we want you to be able to achieve this whilst improving customer, and user experience.

10 Ways we can help you improve operational efficiency:

  1. Provide you with consulting services so you can identify where your existing IT Operations can be improved to improve operational efficiency. This can around a specific facet of your IT or a comprehensive review.
  2. Deliver an IT system which enables your users to access their IT from anywhere, on any device, at any time. By enabling your users to access their IT from anywhere there’s an internet connection, you immediately open up the opportunity for secure home working.Research undertaken by Harvard College shows for certain workers this can improve productivity by up to 22%.Equally, by allowing Home Working you can reduce the amount of office space you require and subsequently reduce rent and associated costs.
  3. Prevent you over provisioning your Virtual Machines and Hosts by having clear visibility of your Data Centre.By having a clear understanding of your VMs and Hosts you can reclaim capacity from unused and over provisioned VMs. This has been shown to improve capacity by 40%.
  4. Implement a BYOD Programme which means you can reduce your end point hardware budget, and instead reallocate this money to your corporate infrastructure, where greater efficiency gains can be achieved.
  5. Implement on-line collaboration tools so live meetings can take place from anywhere without the need for time wasting travel.
  6. Utilise a Managed Cloud solution which grows and contracts with your needs. By using a Managed Cloud solution from Axess Systems you no longer have to worry about Capital Expenditure, unexpected changes or support problems.Instead you have a fully supported IT infrastructure, built on the best technology, supported by a team of skilled and experienced IT professionals. And you only pay for the IT you use on a monthly basis.
  7. Provide an outsourced support service which means you don’t have to recruit senior specialists in the event of a problem requiring resolution.
  8. Reduce the costs of delivering your desktops – By centrally managing your desktops through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or  a Managed Cloud Service you can achieve cost savings in a number of ways:Utilising Thin Clients rather than PCs, means you can save on energy costs, and as Thin Clients are more reliable this means there will be fewer desk side support trips, meaning less fuel costs.
  9. Reduce energy costs – by implementing a Managed Cloud Service which is co-located in an efficient and secure data centre, you can reduce your energy costs associated with power and cooling.
  10. Procure hardware and licences in the most effective manner by using our buying power and relationships with all of the major cloud and virtualisation technology companies.