2016 SVC Storage Project of the Year Award goes to Axess Systems

2016 SVC Storage Project of the Year Award goes to Axess Systems

By Ed Morton

Founder and Managing Director of Axess Systems


I’m really pleased to announce Wakefield Grammar School Foundation supported by Axess Systems were the winners of the ‘Storage Project of the year’ at the SVC Awards.

Kris, Luke and Will accept the award

I’m not going to pretend, I was a little surprised.

We were up against some heavyweight competition, who were supported by large vendors with lots of marketing muscle.

But I guess that is why it makes the win so satisfying.

The team involved in the project collected the award and I’d like to thank them for doing such a great job.

In a way it’s a pity the SVC Awards panel only allow us to enter one project for the storage award. Because I guarantee the same level of dedication and results for all our projects and I’m sure we’d have come back with a table full of awards.”

Why our Storage award is good for you

The SVC Awards were judged on the business and technology challenges we had to overcome with our customer and the real benefits that resulted from the project. And despite being up against some stiff competition, we were voted to be the best.

Some of our competitors were heavyweights in the IT industry. But as we are specialists we are much more able and willing to adapt to your specific needs. When it comes to what really matters, we achieve results.

It means the business advantages we provided through our winning storage project, we will also give to you. And the award demonstrates we really will do what we say.

So this award is important to you, because it provides you with the proof when you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy IT partner that will help you achieve your wishes.

Now we’ve been judged to be an excellent company to deal with and brimming with expertise and innovation.

Isn’t it time you put us to the test?

Whatever you’re planning, give us a call. We’re here to solve your problems.

And who knows may be this time next year we’ll be celebrating again.