“Would I recommend Axess Systems… absolutely yes!”
Nigel Aitchinson, IT Director, Vax Limited

A whole new way of supporting your virtualisation and cloud infrastructure

Axess Systems 360 Support provides the level of support Axess Support Supermanyou want and the expertise you need. It provides real value for money and the reassurance that when you do have a problem, you can call upon our team of skilled and experienced virtualisation engineers.

You don’t just get help when something goes wrong. We also stop many other things going wrong in the first place. It’s like having your own team of in-house certified experts but without the hassle or associated costs.

Citrix Gold Solution Advisor logoYou’ll gain access to unmatched technical resources with vendor backed assurances for ultimate incident escalation and fast resolution.

Our support service is designed to supplement your existing IT team. You get advice and support where and when you most need them. We’ll free you to focus on your business.

This is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We strongly believe that by understanding the demands of your business and working collaboratively – we can become your preferred support partner of choice.

Axess Systems 360 Support will suit you perfectly because you can pick the just those components that are right for you.

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We have tried Citrix consultants from various companies but often felt they were lacking experience or knowledge.

Axess System have been for more knowledgeable and we have far more progress in the last few months, than we have over several years previously.

Despite our demanding schedules they have always been flexible and have been key to delivering a more stable and scalable Citrix Solution.

I would recommend Axess Systems without hesitation”

American Banking Giant, London. 

Here’s a plain English explanation of the main support benefits:

Feature What it does Why you would want it
15 minute response guarantee Within 15 minutes of you informing us of a problem, we’ll be working on its resolution IT problems will affect your business so you want them resolving as quickly as possible.

And 15 minutes is our maximum time – we aim to start work much sooner.

Network operations centre (monitoring) We’ll monitor your IT estate to identify trends and reoccurring problems. Faster resolution times.

We’ll predict many issues and resolve them before they become a problem

And we’ll keep an eye on your estate when you’re not around.

Regular health checks HeathChecks provide an in-depth analysis of your infrastructure using various performance and diagnostic tools, measuring against best practice and industry norms. Faster resolution times.

We’ll predict many issues and resolve them before they become a problem

And we’ll keep an eye on your estate when you’re not around.

Office hours consultancy You can freely discuss your problems, concerns or ideas with one of our consultants. For those times when you want some free advice from someone who’s seen it and done all before.

You’ll also gain a direct link to the vendors you wouldn’t normally have.

Web portal logging Quickly log calls from your keyboard even when outside your chosen support times. Speed up call logging and therefore, your resolution times by logging calls from anywhere, at any time on any internet device.
Performance reporting We’ll provide you with regular reports to show how your system is performing. Gives you confidence that your system is fit for purpose and is running optimally.
Fully managed service Manage everything, from the Cloud to the hypervisor, from the 1st line calls to the 3rd line escalation. We look after everything so you don’t have to.

Gives you a cost effective alternative to hiring you own support staff.

Proactive environment maintenance If it needs doing, we’ll do it. You don’t need to ask us first. You’ll always be up-to date and aware of developments concerning your security, performance and productivity.
Quarterly strategic review Every three months you’ll receive a business aligned review of your agenda and goals. We’ll help you with creative ideas and help you understand what your peers are doing.

You’ll gain valuable outside perspective from our experts.

Dedicated account manager Someone who understands your infrastructure from top to bottom and can help provide what you need at the drop of a hat. You get a fast response, quick resolution and reliable trustworthy person at the end of the phone.
Vendor escalation management If a problem occurs that can only be resolved by one of our vendor partners, we have a direct escalation route. If needed, we provide an effective routes for escalation and faster resolution.
24/7 support (optional) If your business requires problem resolution outside of standard business hours, we provide round-the-clock support. We’ll be here when you need us.
Citrix security assessment If you’re running Citrix, we’ll perform a recurring six monthly assessment to uncover any vulnerability to outer attacks and SSL. Ensure your business is always protected by working towards an A+ rating.

Helps you meet your compliance needs.

Unlimited support incidents No capacity limitations. You get support on demand. Consider us your virtual IT team No need to worry about any limitations, or worry about unknown bills – this service is fully covered.
Per-user billing Better suited to hosted platforms, where per user billing is often used. It provides you a cost effective, one size fits all support platform. No hidden costs, determined growth costs and fully scalable.
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