Over 15 hours a day saved.

Over 15 hours a day saved.

Mark SmithNottingham CC LogoReduced logon times save over 15 hours every day.

“The logon times when we were on Xenapp were in excess of two minutes. With XenDesktop we average 40 seconds.

We’ve reduced logon time by at least 80 seconds per user and there’s circa 700 concurrent users logged on.

700 x 80 = 56000 seconds (15.55 hours per day saved).”


I also want to pass on some positive feedback about John Middleton.

I know from some of the assistance and advice he has been giving me today I’ve certainly found it very useful and a bit of an eye opener.

I realise though, there is a full team of people at Axess and you’re all working together to provide a first class service which as a customer I do feel we’re getting.

From the direct interactions we’ve had with John, Ash, Dan, Rory and Ed it’s been very positive and gives me great confidence.”


Mark Smith    Server Support Manager at Nottingham City Council