Absolute transparency and trust

Absolute transparency and trust

Richard EllisHunt & Palmer Logo“My first experience with Axess Systems was late one 31st December trying to procure licences at late notice.  Ed Morton was sympathetic to our cause and the flexible and friendly approach meant we gave Axess another opportunity when we wanted to increase our licensing.

Simon Graver took over as account manager and we have enjoyed a friendly but professional relationship with him.  This has led to the discussion of further projects that have required a great deal of consideration and exploration before going ahead and this never been too much trouble with Simon.  In fact he encourages us to make sure we are completely happy and, on one occasion, when we were offered a more suitable solution from elsewhere that Axess was unable to offer, honesty on both sides was easy coming and we agreed between us that taking the option, from the competition, was the right thing to do.

We have had projects requiring Axess to provide onsite engineering.  Ashley Barlow and John Middleton have both attended site.  The assistance provided by them certainly went above and beyond what was strictly necessary for the remit of the projects and I can conclude that Axess Systems are competent, helpful and professional throughout the organisation’s teams.

Not only that, there is absolute transparency and trust, meaning Axess Systems are without doubt, one of Hunt & Palmer’s preferred IT suppliers.”

Richard Ellis, Group IT Manager at Hunt & Palmer