Evaluating some all-in-one touch screen thin clients

Evaluating some all-in-one touch screen thin clients

“The  IGEL thin clients and conversion software proved to be just what we had been looking for and we have now invested in over 100 pieces of IGEL kit.

We needed to invest in replacing our aged thin client devices and wanted to be sure we were choosing the right technology. We were recommended IGEL thin client technology that would do everything we demanded of it, and provide an easy to use, flexible management software.

We also wanted to re-purpose a number of thin clients that still had some life in them as to get the most out of the investment we had previously made. For this we looked to the Igel Universal Desktop Converter token.

Axess Systems allowed us to evaluate some of the higher spec all-in-one touch screen thin clients over the course of a few weeks, so we could be certain that this technology was the correct fit for Connect Housing.”

Senior Service Desk Analyst, Connect Housing Association, Yorkshire.