Going that extra mile…

Going that extra mile…

Aston Rose Logo“We continued our investment plan in IT and had Axess Systems working on a project for us in the Autumn – migrating an SBS server to a new Host with Hyper-V and new DC and Exchange Server.

Initially we were a bit concerned because it was important the work was carried out in a very smooth way, with no downtime for the business. In addition, we have a number of people working remotely which made our job a little more difficult as we had to consider each role and service being migrated.

I was very happy to work with the Axess engineers and management staff and they did not disappoint me. They were happy to answer my questions and gave me reassurance that things would go exactly how we needed them to. They did go the extra mile and I can say they are client orientated.

I will definitely be happy to work with Axess Systems on future projects. I recommend them.”

Mirel Versan, IT Manager, Aston Rose