Consultancy and Engineering

Don’t you wish somebody would invent a magic wand that will install your perfect IT system, every time?

No need for all that planning, asking questions (waiting for answers), writing the requirements documents, etc, etc…

No need to worry that you asked all the right questions (and got the right answers) and the system you’ve got is the best for your business.

You’d get all of this with just a couple of shakes of the wand.

I’m pretty sure this magic wand doesn’t exist yet. So until it does, we do everything the wand would do. And we do it well, although it may take us longer than a couple of shakes.

Consultancy to save you time and money

Do you know the exact IT system you want? More importantly, is it the same as the IT system you need?

What about the functionality; is it practical, possible or affordable to fulfil everyone’s wishes?

We’re here to make sure you take the right route from the start. From start to finish. From the initial concept to its realisation

You’ll be working with our highly skilled and accredited consultants.

Importantly, they understand what it takes to deliver a successful project for you and all your stakeholders.

They take the time to understand your objectives and critical success factors and make sure you achieve them.

We’ve done so, successfully, over and over.

And we can do it for you.

Engineering to give you the best possible ROI

Not all engineers wear dirty overalls and carry a spanner in their top pocket. IT systems need an engineer too. Someone who knows how to best fit all of the hardware together.

Someone who knows how to get the different applications to talk to each other.

And someone who knows how to configure the various components to make your system live up to everyone’s expectations.

Engineering an IT system is not easy. If something is wrong, you can waste days trying to find the cause. Unless you’ve seen it all before.

And we have, many times. Been there, done it and certainly got the tee-shirt.

So together with our consultancy expertise and experience, we offer you complete peace of mind in whatever you want to achieve.

We support you every step of the way with installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, migration, design and consultancy services.

Call us today on 01773 882602 to you’ll discover how Axess Systems can take the pain out of your gain.

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How can you be sure?

Well you’ll be working with highly skilled and accredited consultants. You can see our accreditations and certifications we have all the right badges.

But more importantly our IT professionals understand what it takes to deliver a successful project for you, and all your stakeholders.

You can be sure we’ll take the time to understand your objectives and critical success factors, and make sure we achieve them.

We place a massive amount of emphasis on ensuing you are happy.

On completion of every IT project we will send you a questionnaire asking for open and honest feedback.

This feedback drives improvement in everything we do.

A key question we will ask you is for the Net Promoter Score. Our current Net Promoter Score for Engineering and Consultancy Projects is 96. (As of April 2015)

And if you are looking for further proof you can read and view our case studies.

IT done right is a powerful business tool. Whether you are looking to create a competitive advantage by introducing innovation, reduce costs, reduce risk or ensure compliance. You can be sure we have the right skills for you.

We’ve wrapped all of our knowledge, experience, industry best practice and vendor reference documentation into our consultancy methodology, which we call PathFinder.

Our Consultancy and Engineering Services Cover:

User Virtualisation
Application Virtualisation
Desktop Virtualisation
Server Virtualisation
Software Defined Data Centres
Storage Virtualisation
Network Virtualisation
Cloud Managed Wi-Fi
Data Security including 2FA

Axess Systems presents at VCLC

PathFinder Consultancy Services

Our PathFinder Consultancy Services includes:

Installs, Migrations & Upgrades

Transformation Services

Desktop Transformation
Data Centre Transformation
Storage Transformation
Network Transformation

HealthCheck Services

Citrix HealthCheck
VMware vSphere HealthCheck
User Experience HealthCheck

Cloud Readiness Assessment

IT Planning and Strategy