HealthCheck for Virtualised IT Infrastructure – Citrix & VMware

See inside your Virtualised Environment

  • How is it performing?
  • Problems that are lurking
  • Highlight resource and configuration issues
  • Unlock unused functionality
  • Prepare it for growth.

Boost Your Performance with a Health Check

For most companies, our health check service turns out to be a performance booster. The end result being increased employee productivity and cost savings for their business.

It’s an unfortunate truth that over time the performance of your virtualised IT system will begin to deteriorate. This has an impact on everyone.

Your users get frustrated and raise more IT support calls. Thereby adding to the work load of your IT Support team. And all the time your senior management team aren’t happy about the loss of operational efficiency.

But it’s not usually a simple task to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. And that’s if you can find the time needed to investigate the issues.

It’s for these reasons many of our new clients first approach us to undertake a Health Check of their IT Infrastructure.

A Health Check will give you a clear picture of where problems lie. You’ll get detailed recommendations on how you can improve the performance.

It’s not just new clients who use our Health Check services. Some of our best clients book annual Health Checks to ensure their system continues to operate efficiently.


What the HealthCheck entails:

  • Discovery – Your Health Check starts with a discovery exercise. We will discuss your current infrastructure along with the challenges you are facing and any particular aspects you want to focus on.
  • Analysis – Following the discovery phase our consultant will analyse your infrastructure using various performance and diagnostic tools. They will measure against best practice and industry norms.
  • Findings and Recommendations – we will produce a report and the consultant who carried out the analysis will fully explain the findings and recommendations.


I don’t like getting the car MOT’d but, deep down I know it’s designed to stop me from dying in a ball of flames. Now, a failing IT system may not have such dramatic consequences but it certainly won’t enhance your day.

Isn’t it time you got it properly checked?

Call us now on 01773 882 602. Remember prevention is better (cheaper and less stressful) than cure.

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“The performance of my Citrix Infrastructure was frustrating. Users were continually commenting on the freezing and going slow. Whilst I have a good Citrix knowledge, I didn’t know where I should be focussing my attention to start to resolve the issues. By using a HealthCheck from Axess Systems, they identified the issues and provided me with a clear set of recommendations which I can action. It was invaluable to me.”