Installs, Migrations and Upgrades

The challenges faced by IT Leaders when it comes to implementing one off installs, migrations and upgrades is not just linked to the technical challenge.

I’m sure you’ll agree most IT departments simply don’t have lots of spare capacity to implement one off projects easily.

And the very nature of these projects means there is always a learning curve to go through. This either limits the return from your investment, as configs are not optimised or things just take a lot longer than expected.

So why take the risk?

By using Axess Systems you can utilise experienced and, accredited IT who work with the technology day in day out.

They will make sure you get the most from your investment by ensuring all configs are set up correctly from day one, and ensure you have all of the features available.

This level of configuration and can only be achieved by people who spend considerable amounts of time with this technology.

You can specify when you want to complete the project to a time and date which suits you and the needs of your organisation.

Additionally, you get a clear pricing structure

And if you’re worried about not having the knowledge needed to support things once the project has been completed we’ll provide you the options of having full documentation, and training or one of our support programmes.

How we ensure your success.

Our PathFinder Methodology

Consult: Understand what you want to achieve, and the resources you have available.

Assess: Understand your existing infrastructure, processes and procedures

Design: Develop a clear and actionable design with supporting project plan

Build: Install, Migrate and upgrade using our in-house team of virtualisation and cloud engineers

Manage: Management of your day to day IT operations.

Monitor: Get the visibility you need to prevent and resolves issues becoming problems.

Improve: HealthCheck services designed to identify where you can improve the performance of your IT

Support: The reassurance of having a team of experts ready to assist you at a moments notice

Transfer: Personalised knowledge transfer including workshops and remote learning