Axess Systems makes double appointment by signing Ian and Greg

AXESS Systems has bolstered its team by recruiting two new members of staff.

We are delighted to welcome Ian Dickerson as a senior network engineer and Greg Cork; who joins Axess as Cloud Services Account Manager.

Ian, a former third-line network engineer for property development company Barrett Developments, has enjoyed his first few weeks working for Axess Systems.

He’s yet, though, to meet his colleagues in person, due to the UK’s latest lockdown restrictions.

He said: “This is the first time in my 20-year career that I’ve not met anyone I work with or even been able to visit the office. It’s been a really strange, surreal experience.

“I’m still finding my feet, but overall, I’m really enjoying it, plus it helps that it’s very similar to what I did before.

“Working from home also allows a bit more flexibility, for example, sometimes I work longer hours than I usually would, as I can just carry on getting stuck in.”

Ian Dickerson has joined us as senior network engineer

Fortunately, working for Axess Systems and using Microsoft Applications and Citrix on a day-to-day basis, has made working remotely all the bit easier.

He said: “Citrix is the perfect solution for working from home. It means workers or companies can avoid downloading multiple apps, which slow their device down. It’s very efficient when it comes to traffic management and therefore, allows people to be more productive.

“With regards working from home, it is something which I did a lot in my previous job, so it’s kind of the norm for me. However, I was still able to go into the office every so often and work alongside two or three other people, meaning we could catch-up and have a chat.

“I miss interacting with people, as well as a change of scenery. Working alone and not seeing anyone – other than my nine-year-old son, who I see every Wednesday and every other weekend, really is the strangest thing.

“I’m looking forward to when we can go back to the office and I can finally meet my Axess Systems colleagues face-to-to-face.”