Axess Systems pass on expertise on how to protect your organisation from ransomware attacks

AXESS Systems has shared tips on how to protect and recover from ransomware attacks after the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) reported an increase in security breaches since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Ransomware is maliciously created malware that finds and encrypts an organisation’s files and storage. Through entry points like phishing emails – Royal Mail and HSBC bank have recently been in the news for being targeted – users can unintentionally allow this attack into their business.

Axess Systems founder, Ed Morton, said: “Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and with more people working remotely, we have seen a number of ransomware attacks on organisations.

“The education sector has been particularly affected with the NCSC reporting an increase since February 2021 that has had often disastrous consequences for UK schools, colleges and universities.

“We have seen first-hand with clients how disruptive ransomware attacks can be and in a school it could result in students losing their work because the IT system hasn’t been backed up properly – and at a time when students are working on end-of-year coursework, it can have a devastating effect.”

Other sectors which have been victim of these attacks include NHS Trusts.

Citrix recently commissioned a study – carried out by market research company One Poll – which surveyed 500 UK students and 500 university vice chancellors and IT directors. Results revealed that significant strides had been made with regards remote learning with 89 per cent of staff saying that they felt ‘comfortable’ with their IT security provisions.

There is always room for improvement, though, add Ed hopes that businesses and organisations who spend the time watching the broadcast undertaken by Axess Systems will benefit.

“Ransomware is a big problem for all organisations, but the good news is that the technology has evolved too. There is some fantastic tech available, created by the likes of Veeam, which can help recover backups following a ransomware attack,” he said.

“Putting in a reliable backup service is very rarely a priority, but with ransomware attacks on the increase, businesses and public sector organisations will save themselves a huge amount of trouble and heartache later on if they take steps now to counter this rise in cyber-crime.”


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