We’re pleased to welcome another new starter to Axess Systems, Luke Annabel !!🎊

Luke joins our commercial team as an Account Manager.

During the selection process, it is evident that Luke has a long-held enthusiasm for technology. While he started out working in local IT repair shops, he quickly developed his knowledge and understanding of the value of customer care.

Combining all these qualities, he took the opportunity to progress his career by working in customer-facing roles for various technology firms.

Before joining, Luke worked for companies including BT– having dealt with a broad spectrum of software and technology.

We believe Luke will be a great asset to join the team and help our clients #MakeITEffective.

Commenting on the appointment, Will Lingard, Sales Director, said, β€œIt’s perfect timing for Luke to join Axess Systems. Not only can he build on his expertise and knowledge, but he also really buys into our approach to customer service. I really can’t wait to see him grow as a person.”

In response, Luke commented, β€œAlready from the short time I’ve been here, all the team have been very welcoming, and I’m excited to start my journey.”

An interesting fact about Luke – as well as an interest in technology, he also used to coach football Goalkeepers and even made a business out of it! So, who knows if the next aspiring Jordan Pickford will be making a difference come the next world cup!