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Briefing Template for Successful IT Projects

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Success is built from the beginning


We firmly believe that good IT projects come from good briefs – and vice versa.

And we want you to be successful.

But developing the initial project brief is often an overlooked aspect of planning IT projects.

However, setting out your project brief plays a big part in ensuring your project is a success, whether you are implementing this project yourself, employing us or someone else.

We use this template internally as the first step when we speak with our client about what they are looking to achieve from their IT investment.

Please feel free to use this brief to help get your project on track from the very start.

Sections include:

  • 1. Background to the Project
  • 2. Project Definition and Analysis
  • 3. Project Team and influencers
  • 4. Considerations for your organisation
  • 5. Project Timescales


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