Citrix NetScaler Managed Service
(*now Citrix ADC)

Citrix NetScaler Managed Service (*now Citrix ADC)

Starting from: £265 per month

Summary: When you deploy a Citrix ADC Managed Service from Axess Systems, you no longer have the associated stress, worry and risk of managing your Citrix ADC (NetScaler).

Instead, you have the reassurance of having a leading Citrix specialist certified to ISO27001 who will monitor, manage and improve this crucial part of your infrastructure, and all for a predictable monthly fee.

With the choice of three options, there is a plan which will suit both your needs and your budget.


Why implement Citrix NetScaler / Citrix ADC Managed Service from Axess Systems?

The days when you could install Citrix NetScaler and forget it are long gone.

With Citrix typically releasing six firmware updates a year, often with security implications, it means you can’t put these off.

Updates simply must be done promptly; otherwise, you put your organisation at unnecessary risk.

But if we’re honest, upgrading and managing your Citrix ADC (NetScaler) can be a daunting experience.

It’s certainly not one of those jobs you look forward to with relish.

And this is where we help.

As a Citrix Gold Solution Advisor, we have in-house Citrix ADC specialists. These specialists implement, monitor and manage Citrix ADC all of the time.

To us, a Citrix ADC isn’t a piece of infrastructure which is dreaded; in fact, we love them.

So why not let us take the stress away from you, and let us manage your Citrix ADC as a managed service.

Because let’s face facts, if something does go awry (however unlikely), you can point the finger at us, and not have that stress and burden weighing heavily on your shoulders.

Your Citrix Performance Health Check can cover:

– Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
(formerly Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop)

– Citrix Endpoint Management
(formerly Citrix XenMobile)

– Citrix Hypervisor
(formerly Citrix XenServer)

– Citrix ADC
(formerly NetScaler)

– Citrix Application Delivery Management
(formerly Netscaler MAS)

– Citrix SD-WAN
(formerly NetScaler SD-WAN)

Flexible Payment Quarterly or Annual 


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Citrix ADC Health Check. 

Citrix ADC Vulnerability and Breach Assessment 

Review of back-up configs 

Bespoke Customer branding 

On-boarding workshop with all stakeholders 

Review of ISMS Policies to align with Citrix ADC Config 

Back-up of your Citrix ADC infrastructure 

Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) 

Citrix ADC Improvement Programme**

Resolution of issues identified during On-Boarding 

Day to Day Operations

Firmware and version notification 

Citrix ADC briefing for new releases 

Real time Monitoring of your Citrix ADC 

SLA: Working days for install - excl.  Security Vulnerabilities 

SLA: Working days for Security Vulnerabilities 

Gateway SSL Analysis 

No. of Gateway SSL Analysis per year 

Citrix ADC Performance Assessment

No. of Citrix ADC Performance Assessements per year

SSL Certificate Reminder Service

Annual review of ISMS policies for Citrix ADC

Monthly Report detailing incidents and SLAs

Bespoke Reporting

Support and Consultancy

Support – email / web based

Office Hours phone Support

24/7 phone Support


For the VPX with single point of operation

from £270 per month*






For organisations with comprehensive needs

£315 per month*

Includes all Pro features plus:






For the organisation who needs everything

From £645 per month*

Includes all Corporate features plus:





* Monthly equivalent Price
** costed seperatley to the Citrix ADC Managed Service

Business meeting

No matter which Citrix ADC Managed Service you decide is right for you, your service is built on four key elements:

  • On-boarding
  • Improvement Programme
  • Day-to-Day Operations
  • Support and Consultancy

The elements included in your Citrix ADC Managed Service depends on the Plan you choose.

1. Comprehensive On-boarding

As soon as you activate your managed service, you will receive a thorough on-boarding programme designed around your requirements.

  •       On-boarding

In the first instance, a Citrix ADC (NetScaler) specialist will review and take the time to understand your environment and configuration. This will either be on your premises for Enterprise clients or via a conference call.

They will establish what you are looking to achieve from your service and document your environment. By doing this, we ensure we can react quickly to any issues you raise while we undertake the improvement programme.

  •       Citrix ADC Health Check 

As part of your on-boarding, you’ll receive a Citrix ADC Health Check.

You will be notified of any existing issues, and provided with a list of recommendations to bring your Citrix ADC environment in line with best practice.

  •       Vulnerability and Breach Assessment

To ensure you have a ‘clean’ Citrix ADC environment, we will run through and analyse your log files to determine if you have been exposed to any vulnerabilities or malware.

The recommendations you receive are not just firmware and version related. They include reviews of the privileges of accounts used for services such as LDAP and accounts used for Monitoring services, and whether services have been security-hardened to prevent exploitation and data loss.

  • Review of your Back-up for Citrix ADC configuration 
  • ensure you can recover from every eventuality, we will review your policies for the back-up of your Citrix ADC configurations.
  • Review of ISMS policies for Citrix ADC configuration (Enterprise only)

As the configuration of your Citrix ADC plays an essential part in your ISMS, we will review configuration to check alignment with your ISMS Access Control Policies.

2. Improvement Programme

Following the on-boarding programme, it is entirely normal to find aspects of your Citrix ADC environment which will require improvement.

This can range from the minor to the major, the routine to the urgent.

No matter what we find, you can relax, safe in the knowledge we will work with you to implement a programme of improvements to mitigate these issues, implement improvements and ensure your Citrix ADC is aligned to best practice.

This part of the service is billed separately to the Citrix ADC Managed Service, as the time involved is dependent on the initial status of your environment.

3. Day to Day Operation – Monitor, Manage and Notify

Once your Improvement Programme is complete, we implement the day to day operations of your Citrix ADC Managed Service dependent on the Plan you choose.

  •       Citrix ADC Firmware and Version Release Notification

The core aspect of every Managed Service is to take away the dread and risk of managing and updating your Citrix ADC.

You will no longer miss learning about a vital firmware release, as we will take over the monitoring of all firmware and update releases from Citrix.

We will then notify you of the nature of the update, and discuss when to implement this update.

  •       Real-Time Monitoring (Enterprise only)

Our Cloud Service Desk manages the real-time monitoring of your Citrix ADC.

Based at our head office in Derbyshire, the Cloud Service Desk, in conjunction with the Citrix ADC specialist, will develop and establish the limits, triggers and notification structure within your Citrix ADC environment.

By working with you, we will set up sensor limits, notifications, and how to trigger those notifications. This will be managed through a ‘Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed (RACI) matrix’, which we will develop in conjunction with you.

The RACI matrix will detail the roles and responsibilities and the people who are responsible for coordinating, communicating, analysing and resolving the alert.

Please discuss with us monitoring surrounding host intrusion detection and the analysis of logs as part of a broader SIEM service.

Monitoring will analyse incidents and trends relating to:

– Security, Performance, and Capacity

  •       Citrix ADC Firmware Release Implementation

Once you are aware of the release, we will work together to plan its implementation.

We will work with you to comply with your Change Control procedures, and ensure all changes are managed, communicated, tested and signed off with appropriate roll-back planning in place.

The SLA for the implementation of these updates will be dependent on your plan.

  •       Security Vulnerability Response

By using our Citrix ADC Managed Service, you are already significantly reducing your risk profile, as all firmware releases are installed following Citrix guidelines.

But if there are any security vulnerability announcements, we will manage the mitigation of these vulnerabilities on your behalf as per the “What Customers Should Do” advice detailed by Citrix.

As a Citrix ADC Managed Service customer, you have priority for the resolution of these incidents.

The SLA for the implementation of these updates will be dependent on your plan. 24/7 response is available for Enterprise clients.

  •       SSL Certificate Notification Service

This service will ensure you are aware when your SSL Certificates associated with your Citrix ADC infrastructure is due for renewal.

While you are still responsible for the purchasing and deployment of the cert, we will provide you with reminders, so it’s one less thing to worry about.

  •       Citrix ADC Gateway Vulnerability Assessment 

Your Citrix ADC Managed Service is far from being a reactive service. Depending on the plan you choose, you will receive regular Vulnerability Assessments of your external gateway.

The assessment will provide you with grading from A+ to F and will let you know if you are susceptible to known vulnerabilities, and aligned with industry best practice.

The Citrix ADC Gateway Vulnerability Assessment is a non-intrusive process, so we do not require any log-in or access to the admin of your Citrix infrastructure.

Also, you will receive a vulnerability scan against the public-facing services that are available publicly from your Citrix ADC.

  •       Citrix ADC Health & Performance Assessment

This health and performance assessment will provide you with a thorough evaluation of your Citrix ADC and give you the following:

  • Check resource usage
  • Check for known issues
  • Check Load Balancers & VPN Servers to ensure they are operating optimally
  • Check for Malware
  • Check that the configuration has been applied correctly.


  •       Reporting (Corporate and Enterprise)

Each month you will receive a report on the performance of your Citrix ADC environment, Citrix ADC Health & Performance Assessment & the Vulnerability and Breach Assessment.

4. Support and Consultancy

Support for your Citrix ADC is available as part of your Citrix ADC Managed Service. Depending on your Plan, you have the choice of email or phone-based support.

Enterprise clients can call upon 24/7 support for all of their Citrix ADC needs.

In addition to reactive support, you will receive proactive consultancy on how to plan and roadmap future Citrix ADC developments.

Why Axess Systems for your Citrix ADC Managed Service

As Citrix ADC is such a vital piece of your infrastructure, you need to make the right decision in choosing your partner. At Axess Systems we believe we have the qualities to be your trusted Citrix ADC Managed Services partner, here’s why:

Accredited and Certified

You’ll be working with an accredited Citrix Solution Advisor, who operates an Information Security Management System certified to ISO27001:2013.

As a Gold Citrix Solution Advisor, we are certified to supply and support the entire range of Citrix networking appliances.

You’ll have Citrix ADC consultants accredited by Citrix. Our Midlands based in-house consultants hold the CCP-N, Citrix Certified Professional – Networking.

Value for money

You’ll get value for money. As we are based in the Midlands, in picturesque rural Derbyshire, we can cover the length and breadth of the UK with ease. But as we don’t have the same cost base as London consultants, we can provide our accredited consultants at highly competitive rates.

Outstanding Customer service

You’ll get exceptional Customer Service. At every step of the way, we’ll make sure you get excellent service.

Our Account Managers and Consultants will work with you to understand your requirements and ensure you get awesome customer service.

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