Very happy with the way our first project went. Everyone at Axess Systems I dealt with was very helpful. The consultant was brilliant and really knew his stuff.

IT Manager – Executive Search – South Coast

We have tried Citrix consultants from various companies, but often felt they lacked experience or knowledge of the specific environment we operate. All the representatives from Axess Systems have been far more knowledgeable, and we have made more progress in the last few months than we have over several years previously. Despite our demanding schedules, Axess Systems have always been very flexible. They have been vital in delivering better user experience. One that is more stable, and a scalable Citrix solution to meet our future demands.

IT Operations Director, Finance – London

I have worked with Ed and the team at Axess Systems for over 18 years. During this time Ed has established Axess Systems to become one of our most trusted and valued resellers for cloud client computing. With a relationship built on mutual trust and understanding, Ed's knowledge of cloud computing, mobility and desktop virtualisation is excellent. This allows Axess Systems to be a great advocate and advisor to customers in this rapidly changing and specialist area.

David Angwin, Marketing Director – EMEA, Dell

Your consultant was very helpful during the project and provided great advice regarding the VMWare issues we were having. Above all the assessment was helpful and done with a very knowledgeable consultant.

IT Infrastructure & Services Manager, Travel Agency – London

Axess Systems provided us with an excellent service with the time restrictions we had.
Due to a merger with another firm, our project had to be finished and ready within a strict and tight schedule.
This was achieved within very long working days. But come Monday morning everyone logged on with no significant issues.
Excellent service from start to finish and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

IT Manager – Chartered Accountants – Scotland

When designing a new IT system, there is often a tendency to over-specify what you need. You do this so you can be sure it will deliver on expectations. Because we wanted to enable e-learning and video streaming at our stores, the option to include graphic accelerator cards had to be considered. By undertaking a Proof of Concept we were able to not only evaluate two different platforms but crucially, we demonstrated that the performance in the stores would meet requirements without the dedicated graphics cards. By doing this, we saved money, simplified the design and deployment of the solution by using actual data gathered from our sites and infrastructure, rather than assumption and guesswork

IT Operations Manager – Retailer – UK wide

My first experience with Axess Systems was late one 31st December trying to procure licences at late notice. Ed Morton came to my rescue, and the flexible and friendly approach meant we used Axess Systems when we wanted to increase our licensing.
Simon Graver took over as our Account Manager, and we have enjoyed a friendly but professional relationship with him. This has led to the discussion of further projects that have required a great deal of consideration and exploration before going ahead. This has never been too much trouble with Simon. In fact he encourages us to make sure we are completely happy and, on one occasion, when we were offered a more suitable solution from elsewhere that Axess was unable to deliver, honesty on both sides was natural, and we agreed between us that taking the option, from the competition, was the right thing to do. We have had projects requiring Axess to provide onsite engineering. All of their consultants who have been onsite went above and beyond what was strictly necessary for the remit of the projects and I can conclude that Axess Systems are competent, helpful and professional throughout the organisation’s teams. Not only that, there is absolute transparency and trust, meaning Axess Systems are, without doubt, our preferred IT partner.”

Group IT Manager – Private Plane Leaser – UK wide

Excellent to work with from start to finish.

IT Manager – Private School – Midlands

The logon times when we were on XenApp were over two minutes. With the new deployment from Axess Systems, we average 40 seconds. We’ve reduced login time by at the very least by 80 seconds per user, and there are circa 700 concurrent users logged on. 700 x 80 = 56000 seconds (15.55 hours per day saved). I know from some of the assistance and advice your consultant has been giving me today. I’ve certainly found it very useful and a bit of an eye-opener. I realise though, there is a full team of people at Axess, and you’re all working together to provide a first-class service which as a customer I do feel we’re getting. From the direct interactions we’ve had with your consultants, it’s been very positive and gives me great confidence.

Head of  IT – Local Government – Midlands

We researched the marketplace to find a company who could help us achieve our vision of delivering a fully agile storage platform. We’ve had previous dealings with Axess Systems, and I’d always been impressed. So it made sense to invite them to give us their thoughts, along with a couple of other firms. From the outset, Axess Systems took time to understand our requirements, before detailing how a storage platform could meet our aspirations. And due to the nature of education, they were well aware the project had to be completed to a tight schedule.

IT Director – Private School – Yorkshire

Security has never been more important due to the stream of vulnerabilities found in particular protocols and cyphers. That’s why I engaged Axess Systems to conduct a security assessment of our Citrix environment. After the assessment, they explained its findings and the options I had to address the problems found. It saved me time and found issues I wasn't aware of.

Network Administrator – Housing Association – North East

Axess Systems have been our security consultants of choice for several years. Their attention to detail at the planning stage and their professionalism throughout the project engagement is second to none. Special mention must go to Ashley for his positive attitude, technical ability and willingness to find the right solution.

IT Manager – Engineering Company – South Wales

We worked with Axess Systems on installing Citrix to our firm. They were open and transparent from the start as to the suitability and viability of the system and hardware required. They provided proactive and transparent advice and were able to demonstrate their experience in advance by referencing many projects on which they had worked. The project itself was seamless, smooth and was successful from the end user’s perspective. This was due to a considerable investment of time, experience and excellent communication between their engineers and our IT Manager. What we wanted to achieve was carefully thought through, planned and executed. The investment in time and effort paid off as Citrix was installed with minimum disruption to our people and day to day operations. Our experience of the switch from our previous system to Citrix was almost unnoticeable. That is high praise indeed!

Partner – Legal Firm – North Yorkshire

Excellent as usual!

IT Director – Financial Services – South West

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