IGEL UD Pocket Webinar

IGEL Webinar: How IGEL Cloud Gateway makes managing your devices simple with Axess Systems.

Presented By:
Gordon Cass: Pre-Sales Engineer from IGEL.
Ashley Barlow: Senior Design Consultant from Axess Systems.

What will you learn from this webinar?

No matter how hard you try, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s virtually impossible to keep on top of all of the latest developments in IT.

So if you don’t know much about IGEL, or perhaps you want to know how IGEL thin clients and technology could be beneficial to your business, this 35 minute webinar is ideal for you.

Gordon Cass, from IGEL, will share with you his inside knowledge on how IGEL UMS can help you manage your end-point devices, the benefits of OS11, and IGEL Cloud Gateway.

Any IGEL device can connect into a back end Citrix infrastructure, so IGEL as a vendor compliments Citrix technology.

Cloud gateway is beneficial because it allows you to securely communicate with UMS outside of the internal network.

You will also get to know IGEL and Axess Systems in better depth with some information from both speakers about the two companies.

After this webinar you will know:

– Why Axess Systems work with IGEL.
– Who IGEL are and what is the future for their technologies.
– How to navigate UMS and maximise its usability.
– How to customise OS11.
– About IGEL Cloud Gateway.
– Real case studies for IGEL technology.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us about any of the information in this webinar, get in touch today: hi@axesssystems.co.uk

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