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Why should you try the IGEL UD Pocket?

Are you planning to replace your old pc hardware?

Before you make a costly decision, we’d like you to try a free IGEL UD Pocket to trial, so you can see for yourself how it can simplify, secure, and smarten your endpoints without spending as much…

By using the IGEL UD Pocket you can easily turn your old pc hardware into simple to manage Thin Clients.

If you’re still not sure, here are some benefits of the IGEL UD Pocket:

• Portability: The UD Pocket is the size of a paperclip, it could easily attach to your keys so you can work anywhere, any time.

• Security: Any x86 device can be turned into a highly controlled, secure endpoint and support a broad range of single-sign-on, authentication functions. Also, no data is stored on your device, it enables you to securely access your data located in your server room/data centre/cloud.

• Agile: You can re-purpose old hardware, simply plug it in and log in.

• Manageability: with IGEL’s Universal Management Suite you can remotely and securely manage security, permissions and access for tens of thousands of IGEL-powered endpoints.

You can see more about the IGEL UD Pocket in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Xt8WsI84bM

Sound too good to be true? Waiting to see what the catch is? Sorry to disappoint…because there isn’t one.

As a UK IGEL Gold Partner, we have the opportunity to offer this to businesses that we believe will benefit from the products, a free trial.

We have had multiple success with clients who have bought the IGEL UD Pocket. One in particular, a Warehouse and Distribution company, liked the low-cost aspect of the product, and how it effectively repurposed their existing hardware.

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