Axess Connect: How IT Leaders Use Citrix Analytics for Proactive Threat Management and Consistent UX


Guest Speaker:

Niall Connolly – Senior Technologist at Citrix


Thursday 26th October at 2:00 PM



In an era where our workspaces have shifted from physical to digital, the challenges we face have evolved in tandem. How do we, as IT leaders, not only safeguard our virtual environments but also ensure our team enjoys a smooth, uninterrupted digital experience? Niall Connolly, from Citrix, will take you through: 


The balance of Security and User Experience (UX): 

Balancing robust cybersecurity whilst maintaining a consistent and intuitive user experience. 


Under the Hood with Citrix Analytics: 

Gain an understanding of how Citrix Analytics equips you to navigate through the virtual world securely and efficiently. 


A Proactive Approach to Threat Management: 

How do we anticipate threats before they impact? We’ll delve into real-world strategies that put us a step ahead of cyber threats. 


Craft a Consistent, Uninterrupted UX:

Explore how we can use Citrix Analytics to craft a digital experience that’s not just secure but also delightfully consistent and user-friendly. 


Stories from the Field:

Heath and Niall will share stories straight from their experiences, providing not just theory, but relatable, practical examples of Citrix Analytics in action. 



An open floor for your thoughts, queries, and insights because your experiences and challenges form the vital pieces of our collaborative learning journey.


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Niall Connolly – Senior Technologist at Citrix
Niall Connolly - Partner Technology Strategist Webinar Speaker
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