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Are you looking for a Citrix Support Service which is built entirely around your needs?

Are you looking for Citrix Support which doesn’t just help you when something goes wrong, but helps stop things going wrong in the first place?

If you are then Citrix Support from Axess Systems is perfect for you.

By having Citrix Support from Axess Systems, it’s like having your team of in-house certified experts, but without the hassle and the associated costs.

Because they won’t be off ill, on holiday or away on expensive training courses to keep their knowledge up to date.

And you don’t just get access to expert support when you have a problem.

From the very moment, you sign-up to support you’ll immediately see the benefits.

Firstly, you’ll get to know our support engineers, as we place considerable emphasis on developing a trusted partnership. You certainly won’t be dealing with a faceless call centre.

And as part of your onboarding, you will receive a health check, which identifies if there are any underlying issues we need to tackle.

So don’t think of this as an old fashioned support plan where you pay even if you never have a problem.

Think of it as a skilled member of your team, who can call upon whenever you need them.

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How we will deliver your Citrix Support Service

Your Citrix Support Service is built on four distinct layers, each is designed to provide you with unrivalled support across your Citrix infrastructure.

The four layers are

1. Service Management Layer

The Service Management Layer is the foundation of your Citrix Support Service.

We will hand in hand with you to determine your exact requirement of the support you need.

So our Citrix Support Specialists will take the time to understand your:

– Current situation and what objective you have for your support

– Infrastructure, network and technology

– Business critical data especially any personal data which may be subject to GDPR

– Business critical apps

– VIP Users

The reason we invest so much time into this aspect of your Citrix Support service is we can react faster and more accurately to any issues you encounter.

From this work, we will work with you and agree SLAs, support availability, the technology which will be supported and document all relevant procedures and processes.

In addition, we can implement tools and services to ascertain key metrics on your infrastructure. This includes:

Citrix Performance Health Checks

Citrix Security Health Checks

2. Monitor & Resolve Layer

The most obvious element of any support plan is to resolve any issues you encounter with your Citrix and associated digital infrastructure.

And here we take great pride in being able to respond quickly, solve the issue and get you back up and running faster than anyone.

In addition to responding to any issues you encounter, we can also provide you with full network monitoring provisioned by PRTG. By providing you with a fully monitored Citrix environment we can identify trends which avert technical problems in the future.

We will work together to determine which alerts are your responsibility and those to which are ours.

3. Development Layer

We see time and again that once installed, people are fearful of implementing upgrades and changes to their Citrix deployment in case of causing downtime.

This is why many IT leaders utilise our Development Layer. The Development Layer provides you with the opportunity to have all of your upgrades undertaken by the team at Axess Systems. Which means you get the benefit of all of the latest releases, but without the worry or risks.

The development layer can include

– AdviceHours
– Knowledge Transfer Workshops
– Implementation of upgrades and updates
– Engineering cover for sickness and holidays

4. Reporting Layer

The reporting layer provides more than just a report on how many times you have used the support team.

We can also provide you with clear metrics on how your environment is performing and if you need to be aware of any trends. This can include aspects such as login times, or suggestions on areas for improvement.

This report is tailored to your needs and the important aspects you want to measure.

In addition, you will be assigned an Account Manager who will provide you with regular updates, alongside more formal reviews.

Why should you use Axess Systems for your Citrix Support?

Reduce your support costs: Our Citrix Support Service is designed to provide excellent value for money. You will receive real value with the ability to add or reduce features as your needs dictate.

Increase your system uptime: Having a pool of skilled Citrix professionals to call upon as soon as you have an issue means you get a quick resolution. And due to the fact we can provide monitoring and know your systems, we will be able to prevent the problems in the first place.

Access to highly experienced engineers: Our virtualisation and cloud support engineers are all provided in-house from our head office in the Midlands.

A Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor with specialist status in virtualisation: As a Platinum Solution Advisor we are in elite company as there are only twenty-two who are of Platinum status in the U.K.

Our results and achievements: The most crucial reason why we feel that you should work with us is the results we have achieved for our clients. You can view our testimonials here.

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