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Transform Your IT

IT and Digital Infrastructure Services which Transform your Organisation?

As organisations continue to become more ‘digital’, IT is now a key enabler for competitive differentiation. The ability for your business to achieve things quicker, more efficiently, or more innovatively while being agile isn’t just nice to have… it’s vital.

Simply put IT leaders who can implement IT to create these competitive differences will thrive.

It means IT leaders have the opportunity to be a value-adding part of the business rather than just being seen merely as a cost centre.

If IT continues to be seen as a cost centre, then the pressure to do more for less will continue until it creaks and breaks.

But delivering successful IT transformation projects is no easy task.

In fact, the University of Oxford found that half of all large IT projects either overspend, or run late, and deliver less value than planned.1

So this is where we help you, and your organisation.

Implementing successful IT projects requires a partner who has the experience and the track record of guiding you through the endless possibilities of technology while at the same time avoiding the pitfalls.

By using The PathFinder Process™, your IT will deliver tangible improvements, creating the opportunity for competitive differentiation for your organisation, while putting you in complete control.

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We provide The PathFinder Process for three distinct aspects of your IT

Digital Infrastructure PathFinder
Achieve anytime, anywhere, any device access for your users, while you ensure compliance and security combined with excellent user experience. And enable secure content collaboration, and manage the Internet of Things devices.

  • Collaboration
  • Application and Desktop Virtualisation
  • Digital Workspace
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Data Analytics
  • Internet of Things


Data Centre & Cloud PathFinder
There has never been a greater choice as to where and how you deliver your IT systems. Let our Data Centre and Cloud PathFinder help you make the right decisions for your organisation.

  • Data Centre Transformation
  • Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Deployments
  • Back-up as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service


Security & Compliance PathFinder
If you are looking to transform the way you approach the security of your Citrix infrastructure, our Security & Compliance PathFinder will provide you with the insight and steps you need.

  • Security Controls
  • Managed Security
  • Infrastructure Security
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So get in touch, and we’ll start the conversation.

Have a look at the type of projects we undertake and some of our client stories. I’m sure you’ll find see information about the kind of project you are looking to implement.

Some of our more radical projects are unfortunately subject to confidentiality restrictions, especially in the aerospace and defence sectors. So if you are thinking ‘have you done something like this’ give us a call and we can go through our experience in more detail.

So whether you are looking to reduce costs, bring about innovation, or make your life easier, we’ll help you be successful and thrive.

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