Axess Connect: Implementing Zero Trust with Citrix Secure Private Access for Web and SaaS Platforms


Guest Speaker:

Niall Connolly – Citrix Expert

Heath Roberts – Operations Director



Tuesday 21st November at 2:00 PM



Network security has never been more challenging. Traditional VPN solutions have shown their limitations, which is where Citrix Secure Private Access provides you with innovation in adopting a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) approach. 

Join us on this webinar, where we go through the future of network access, uncovering the myriad of possibilities offered by Citrix Secure Private Access. 


Understanding Traditional VPN Shortcomings: 

Explore the pitfalls & challenges presented by network-level access solutions. Introducing Citrix Secure Private Access. 


Unveil the ZTNA solution that guarantees adaptive access with a focus on security and user experience:

Enabling a Zero Trust Approach. Dive into the world of Zero Trust, exploring adaptive access to IT-sanctioned applications. 


Enhancing User and IT Experience: 

Witness how Citrix not only enhances end-user experience but also empowers IT with robust security controls. 


Craft a Consistent, Uninterrupted UX:

Explore how we can use Citrix Analytics to craft a digital experience that’s not just secure but also delightfully consistent and user-friendly. 


Interactive Q&A Session: 

Have your queries addressed by our experts in a live Q&A. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Discover the critical challenges hampering traditional VPN solutions. 
  • Learn about the strategic advantages of adopting Citrix Secure Private Access. 
  • Explore real-world applications and practical use-cases. 
  • Engage with industry experts during our live Q&A and network with peers. 
  • Gain access to exclusive materials and insights not available elsewhere. 


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Niall Connolly – Senior Technologist at Citrix
Niall Connolly - Partner Technology Strategist Webinar Speaker
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