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*Live support is only available to our clients with a current support plan in place

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If you’ve been asked by one of our Technical Team to join a remote hands  Live Support session, don’t panic; it’s all normal and above board.

Our team are fully qualified experts who are there to help and support you.

Feel free to ask any questions during your live support session as they are there to give you the best assistance they can.

To join your Live Support session, simply enter your name and the support key you have been given, either over the phone or via email.

From there you’ll have the remote hands from one of our cloud and virtualisation specialists helping you to your resolve your issue.

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If you don’t have a current support plan in place


If you don’t have a current support plan in place and need assistance, you will need to contact an Account Manager who can advise you on how to set up a plan.

This is quick and simple to set up!

You can do this by calling 0345 47 47 740 (office hours only: 9 am to 5:30 pm)

You can also find out more about our comprehensive support here

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