Microsoft 365 Licence Review

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Understand your organisation’s Microsoft 365 consumption and identify cost reduction opportunities with a Microsoft 365 licence Review. 

Using remote data analysis and the expertise of our Microsoft team, your Microsoft 365 Licence Review identifies where you are over-provisioning, and therefore overspending. 

In addition to identifying potential cost reductions, it also highlights opportunities to unlock features with your Microsoft 365 that you were unaware. 

How does it work?

Your Microsoft 365 Licence Review is a remote simple three-step process which our Microsoft 365 specialists’ lead. 

1. Discover

We collate tenant-level data remotely, providing a 12-month snapshot of your Microsoft 365 usage. 

2. Analyse

Our 365 experts assess the data and compile licensing and consumption insights. 

3. Recommend

You receive a report including our cost optimisation & technology adoption recommendations 

What are the benefits of having a Microsoft 365 Licence Review?
  • Get visibility on Microsoft 365 consumption 
  • Identify opportunities to reduce costs and software wastage 
  • Assess licence compliance 
  • Explore subscription alternatives  
  • Increase technology adoption 
  • Prevent subscription creep  
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