Axess Connect: Mastering the Balancing Act between User Experience and Cost Management in Cloud Desktops


Guest Speaker:

Niall Connolly – Senior Technologist at Citrix


Thursday 22nd June at 2:30 PM



Join us for a comprehensive webinar as we delve into the intricacies of managing Virtual Cloud Desktops. We’ll focus on striking a harmonious balance between cost management and user experience, with an emphasis on platforms like Microsoft AVD and Citrix DaaS.


The Challenge

When moving to Virtual Cloud Desktops, one key consideration is managing the trade-off between cost efficiency and user experience. Too much cost-saving could lead to reduced capacity, increasing user wait times. However, keeping all machines running can escalate costs.


The Solution: Autoscale by Citrix

Citrix’s Autoscale is here to simplify this complex balancing act. It intelligently manages your resources, ensuring quick logins for users while saving costs from shutting down idle machines.


More Than Just Login Times: Workspace Environment Management (WEM)

Optimising user experience goes beyond just login times. Citrix’s Workspace Environment Management (WEM) is designed to enhance user experience and efficiently use technology resources. It’s particularly beneficial when managing a large, distributed workforce with tight IT budgets.

WEM is a versatile tool that optimizes resources for peak performance, aids in reducing logon times, enhances system performance, and simplifies the admin experience – all while providing an optimal user experience.


Why WEM?
  • Here are a few ways in which WEM adds value to your Citrix deployments:
  • Reduces resource consumption, lowering your hardware or cloud spending.
  • Speeds up user logins, reducing waiting times.
  • Optimises workspace performance, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Enhances server scalability by up to 70%, allowing for more efficient use of server resources.
  • Ensures a balance between user experience and cost efficiency, providing a robust solution for managing virtual app and desktop workloads.


Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of Virtual Cloud Desktop management. Let’s explore together how to maximise user satisfaction while keeping costs in check!

Join us in this insightful webinar and start mastering the balancing act.


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Niall Connolly – Senior Technologist at Citrix
Niall Connolly - Partner Technology Strategist Webinar Speaker
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