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Summary: Our consultancy service provide you with an independent set of eyes to help you make the right decisions with regards to your IT investment and strategy. By utilising this experience, you can reduce risk, and save time. You also ensure there’s nothing major you have overlooked by being too close to the decision.

Why undertake consultancy?

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s both difficult and time-consuming to keep up to date on the latest developments in technology.

So how will you ensure your vision turns into reality?

How can technology enable you to create new ways of working which will help you to create a competitive advantage for your organisation?

And how do you know which technology is going to best? And more importantly, is it what you need?

What about the functionality; is it practical, possible or affordable and can it fulfil everyone’s wishes?

Here at Axess Systems, we will make sure you take the right route from the start, with our experienced consultants.

What challenge are you facing?

• A merger or acquisition

• Rapid business growth

• Expanding into new markets

• The need to reduce costs

• Creating competitive advantage through technology

Why Axess Systems?

No two consultancy assignments are ever the same. So we take the time to get to understand you and your business and what you are looking to achieve. We will ensure our findings enable you to take action with confidence.

How you benefit?

Whether you are looking to create a competitive advantage through new technology, or just want to plan the next development of your Citrix environment.

By using Axess Systems, we will make sure technology ties into your overall business strategy.

You’ll be working with our highly skilled and accredited consultants. They understand the importance of planning and what it takes for you to deliver brilliant IT and be successful.

We’ve done so, successfully, over and over.

And we can do it for you.

How we ensure your success – Our Consultancy Process
1. Prepare

We’ll identify the factors your organisation is facing and how technology can address these requirements.

It may be you are facing a merger or acquisition, responding to a competitor, expanding into new markets, or have a need to reduce costs and complexities.

Our consultants will take the time to understand your objectives, and critical success factors along with the financial factors in play.

2. Discover

No matter the nature of the assignment, we will gain all relevant data of the current situation. Often this is done by undertaking a thorough assessment and baseline of your existing IT environment combining specialist tools, infrastructure investigation and user experience metrics.

Also, we will complete relevant qualitative research with key stakeholders and informed decision makers.

3. Analyse

Once the discovery period is complete, we will go through an analysis of the data to determine relevant factors, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

4. Recommend

You can be sure the findings will be presented back to you in a manner which makes it easy for you to understand and take decisive action.

5. Review

Once you have reviewed the recommendations, we will work with you to discuss the outcome and draw up a list of next steps and actions.

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