'Secure by Design' for virtual IT

Providing a detailed design for your secure
Citrix and Virtualised IT Environment

‘Secure by Design’ for Virtual Environments

Probably the most secure Citrix Design available >

Starting at £9,500

Summary: ‘Secure by Design’ is a design service devised by our in-house certified Citrix and Security experts. Citrix is already one of the most secure ways to deliver your IT, but ‘Secure by Design’ provides you with an added level of security.

By providing you with a detailed design for your virtual and Digital Infrastructure, you will control the risks of implementing mobility by managing users access to applications and data, across any location, network and device.

‘Secure by Design’ is particularly suited if you have data privacy and cybersecurity concerns. And it is ideal if you are responsible for legal, finance or managing personally identifiable information.

This service can form part of a transformation project or as a standalone service.

Why implement ‘Secure by Design’?

The benefits of implementing a centralised IT infrastructure, which delivers applications from your data centre is proven.

By enabling your users to work from any location which suits them, and on any device or network, you will increase their productivity, efficiency and enable innovation.

But quite rightly there are IT leaders who want to ensure mobility and flexibility does not increase the risk of data loss or impact cybersecurity. Or create a cumbersome user experience.

‘Secure by Design’ meets this challenge head-on.

By working with our Senior Virtualisation and Cloud consultant, who is accredited to the highest level of Citrix and Data Security Testing, you will benefit directly from their in-depth knowledge and skills.

They will provide you with be a detailed low-level design which will address your data privacy and cybersecurity concerns for your virtual desktop environment. And at the same time deliver a great user experience.

Following this exercise, you have the option to engage Axess Systems to implement the design, conduct in-house or deploy using an existing IT provider.

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The methodology which forms the foundation of ‘Secure by Design’

The methodology of this design service is founded on the core principles of Information Security, namely Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

And ‘Secure by Design’ is structured on five elements of enterprise security. These are:

  • User Identity and Access
  • Network Security
  • Application Security
  • Data Security
  • Monitoring and Response

This is done by the tight integration of

  • The software layer
  • The hardware layer
  • The cloud layer
Why Axess Systems

Here at Axess Systems, we are a Gold Citrix Solution Advisor with specialism in Virtualisation. We are currently one of only eight companies in the UK which have achieved this level of competence. So you can be sure you are working with a proven specialist who will provide you with the insight you need to make the right investment into your Citrix infrastructure.

You can find more about our Citrix partnership here.

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