Financing Services

Achieve the budget to transform your IT by
moving to Operational Expense payments

Financing Services

Summary: If the most significant barrier to implementing new IT and Digital Infrastructure is a lack of budget, or you face a budget freeze or even a decrease, then consider your financing options.

There is a growing trend of moving away from traditional Capital expenditure to an Operational expense.

The benefits of this approach mean you can provide your Finance Director with a predictable and consistent operational budget. And move away from peaks and troughs associated with IT refresh cycles.

You can use finance for more than transformation projects; you can also benefit from software leasing and wrapping in associated consultancy and engineering costs.

Axess Systems work with leading leasing specialists to ensure you get the best financing deals.

Why use Financing Services from Axess Systems

If you are in the fortunate situation where you don’t have to worry about your IT budget, please do get in touch, we’ll be delighted to speak to you about your IT plans.

But if like the rest of us, you operate in the real world where you face increasing pressures on budgets and resources, we can help you overcome this barrier with innovative financing services.

One of the reasons why so many IT leaders move some of their IT and Digital Infrastructure to the cloud is down to the fact you can pay on a monthly consumption model.

But one of the drawbacks with using public cloud is the inability to predict future costs.

So if a lack of budget is causing you problems then resolve it by taking a different approach.

Your Financing Services can cover:

– Consumption-based finance

– Software and licences leasing

– Hardware leasing

– Datacentre infrastructure

– End Devices and displays

– Mobile Devices

– Pay as you Grow

Why using Financing Services will appeal to your Finance Director

If you are always having a battle with your Finance Director about the need to invest in your IT, these are the benefits of using Financing Services which will appeal to your Finance Director.

Cash Flow – it won’t tie up cash. Your organisation can use this cash elsewhere to fund growth.

VAT – On finance agreements, VAT is paid in the monthly finance arrangement, not in full and upfront.

Tax Advantages – finance lease rental payments can be 100% tax deductible against profits

Predictable monthly costs – rather than being faced with peaks which align to your refresh cycle, you will instead have a predictable and consistent monthly payment.

Existing Credit lines – Are not affected by the finance agreement.

You can use Financing Services for more than just IT Hardware

If you think you can only use a lease for IT hardware, then you will be pleased to learn it can cover far more. Software licencing can be leased along with engineering and consultancy costs associated with implementing an IT Project.

How we will engage with you to finance your next IT and Digital Infrastructure project

All of the financing agreements will be with you and one of our finance partners, but we will work with you to facilitate these arrangements.

1. We introduce you to our finance partner and provide them with the costs of your IT Project

2. You will receive a no-obligation quote from our finance partner and a credit decision within four hours.

3. Documents will be sent from our finance partner to you to complete via e-signatory

4. Once all documentation is completed, and you have confirmed to our finance partner that the IT equipment has been delivered/installed the finance partner will pay Axess Systems.

5. Your agreement is made live, and you pay affordable monthly payments via direct debit to the finance partner.

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