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IT Health Checks

Health Checks

Why implement Health Checks?

When you’re busy running an IT department, it’s often difficult to find the time to take a step back and analyse how your IT is performing.

That’s why many IT leaders deploy Health Checks from Axess Systems.

A Health Check gives you an objective analysis of your IT infrastructure and will provide you with the insight, and background the source of the issues, along with a clear set of actionable recommendations.

So if you’re in any of the scenarios below, a Health Check will give you the insight you need to resolve your problem.

You’re experiencing performance issues, but you can’t put your finger on the exact cause

Your budget holder is not releasing funds to invest in IT

You’ve recently had a third party install a new Citrix environment, but you’re not happy with the performance, or the reasons you’re given as to why

You need to prove compliance in relation to Information Security

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Grade your Citrix Security

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Grade Your Citrix Security

Choose the Health Check for your needs

Citrix Performance Health Check

Do you want to understand where and how you can improve the performance of your Citrix infrastructure? If you do our Citrix Performance Health Check is for you

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VMware Health Check

Identify where you can improve performance, and reduce the costs of your VMware infrastructure with our VMware Health Check.

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Citrix Security Health Check

Information Security is an issue which impacts all aspects of your organisation. Ensure your Citrix environment is configured to best practice with our Citrix Security Health Check.

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Virtualisation Health Check

If you are looking for a complete assessment of your entire virtualised IT infrastructure, then you need one of our Virtualisation Health Checks. It will provide you with insight into all facets of the performance of your IT.

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Microsoft Active Directory Review

This comprehensive review of your Microsoft Active Directory Infrastructure will give you clarity as to where you can make improvements to its performance and security.

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