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Remote Working Security Assessment

Free – Available for Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, Ericom, Parallels 

Summary: Gain independent expert insight into the security strength and resilience of your log in portal.

Why implement a Remote Working Security Assessment?


You don’t need me to tell you that recent global events are combining to make the challenges faced by IT professionals even more critical than usual. 

As the move from home to hybrid working continues, it is supplemented by the necessity to improve cyber resilience following Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine. 

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) continues to stress to organisations and IT leaders they must bolster their online defences. 

So, here’s something which will help you improve your cyber resilience, and it won’t cost you a penny.  

Our Remote Working Security Assessment provides you with clear insight into your remote working login. 

And you can receive this assessment whether you are using Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Ericom or Parallels.  

The assessment will identify whether you are working to best security practices and highlights the weaknesses you need to resolve. 

By rating the security of your remote working portal, with a grading from A+ to F, you benefit by receiving a clear action plan on what you need to do in the event we find any security weaknesses. 

Axess Systems is a security conscious company certified to ISO27001:2013, so I appreciate you may have concerns about having an assessment from a company who may not be familiar to you. 

But I want to reassure you the Remote Working Security Assessment is a non-intrusive process, so we do not require any log-in details or access to the administration of your IT infrastructure. 

In fact, all you need to provide is the URL of your remote log-in portal, and to complete this form.  

And then we will do the rest. 

By having a Remote Working Security Assessment, you will be in good company. 

We currently implement this and other security assessments for NHS Trusts, Fire & Rescue Services, Law Firms, Universities, Banks, Local Councils, Manufacturers and Supply & Logistics firms. 

So, why not take your first step to understand how secure your Remote Workers are and complete the form below. 

We will be in touch to arrange your Remote Working Security Assessment today! 


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How will your Remote Working Security Assessment be structured?

The Remote Working Security Assessment consists of 5 stages:

– Assignment of your own dedicated Account Manager

– Pre-Assessment Checks

– The Assessment

– Presentation of findings and security grading

– Report

1. Assigning Your Account Manager

For complete peace of mind, you will get your own Account Manager. They’re always there to guide you through every aspect of your service.

2. Pre-Assessment Checks

Before commencing the remote Working Security Assessment, we will confirm with you the nature of the assessment and what you can expect from the report. So you can be sure of your confidentiality, this will include a clear NDA.

3. The Assessment

One of our in-house specialists will run the assessment to assess the strength of your remote working log-in portal.

4. Presentation of Findings and Security Grading

Your Account Manager and technical specialist will present back the findings of your assessment, providing you with an opportunity to ask questions and listen to recommendations.

5. Report

Following the presentation, you will be emailed a copy of your assessment with a clear action plan for the recommended next steps.

Why you should let Axess Systems conduct your Remote Working Security Assessment?

Here at Axess Systems, we have experienced IT Consultants who have worked at the highest level in industry.

This experience and expertise mean you can be sure you are working with a proven specialist who will provide you with the insight you need to secure your remote working infrastructure.

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