Citrix Security Health Check

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Citrix Security Health Check

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Summary: If you are reliant on the ‘out of the box’ security settings on your Citrix deployment then the chances are you are missing out on a host of features which will significantly improve the strength of your security. The Citrix Security Health Check will provide you with an independent report as to how your Citrix Infrastructure compares against best practice.

Why implement a Citrix Security Health Check?

How do you know if your Citrix environment is secure, and complies to best practice.

If you’re responsible for your Citrix IT infrastructure, you don’t need me to tell you about the importance of Information Security.

Attackers are continually trying to breach the perimeter of your IT Systems to acquire personal or sensitive data. And then use this information against you for monetary gain or to inflict reputational damage.

In fact, the UK Government reports that just under half (46%) of all UK businesses identified at least one data breach or attack in the last 12 months. And this rises to 66% in medium firms and 68% in large firms. [1]

With these ever-increasing external threats, combined with robust legislation in the form of GDPR, there has probably never been a greater focus on information security from your business leaders.

And while new legislation impacts many departments, the main focus will still be on you, and your IT department.

How do you protect your business, and know for sure your Citrix environment is secure?

We know protecting your business against cyber threats is a necessity, and this has led our in-house Citrix experts to develop a Citrix Security Health Check to meet these challenges.

By implementing a Citrix Security Health Check from Axess Systems, you can:

Plan with confidence,
Verify the security of your Citrix infrastructure
Gain clear insight as to where you can make improvements to your security

Your Citrix Security Health Check will enable you to take the right decisions to reduce business risk to acceptable levels while ensuring productivity or user experience isn’t negatively impacted?

Part of the answer to these challenges is through a Citrix Security Health Check from Axess Systems.

What will you gain after you’ve had a Citrix Security Health Check from Axess Systems?

You’ll gain peace of mind that you know where any potential security flaws and risks are found across your Citrix Infrastructure.

You’ll obtain clarity as to the actions you need to implement immediately gained by having a prioritised list of actions and recommendations.

You’ll have Independent evidence which can be used to support internal and external compliance such as ISO27001 and GDPR.

You’ll have the confidence you have gained unique insight into your systems by working with some of the best Citrix consultants in the UK.

You’ll have actionable recommendations as to where your resources should be deployed to improve the security of your existing Citrix Infrastructure

You’ll get an independent report as to how your Citrix and Virtualised Infrastructure compares against Citrix and Industry best practice.

Use our FREE Citrix Gateway Security Tool

Grade your Citrix Security

Use our free tool to analyse your current security level for your Citrix remote log-in

Grade Your Citrix Security

Very happy with the way our first project went. Everyone at Axess Systems I dealt with was very helpful. The consultant was brilliant and really knew his stuff.

IT Manager – Executive Search – South Coast

The four steps to implement your Security Health Check
1. Discovery Call

Your Discovery Call will be held with one of our in-house Citrix Consultants. You will work together to discuss your current Citrix environment and the scope of your Citrix Security Health Check.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to identify if there are any aspects of your IT infrastructure you want to have a specific focus. Be it Citrix infrastructure, access controls, applications, users or data.

This is particularly relevant if you have carried out a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and have identified any notable risks.

And finally we will go through the Non-disclosure agreement and Information Sharing Agreement, so you can be sure the findings from this Health Check are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

2. On-site Security Health Check and Assessment

Your On-site Security Health Check will be conducted by the same Consultant who carried out your Discovery Call.

They will work through your Citrix Security Health Check using our “Secure by Design Methodology.” Secure by Design is aligned to Citrix best practice, and has been further developed by our Citrix Certified Experts (CCE), who are recognised as some of the best Citrix Consultants in the UK.

They will cover:

– Identity and access
– Least privledge authorisation
– Access control
– Network security
– Application security
– Data security
– Monitoring and response

3. Development of the Report and Recommended Action Plan

Once our Citrix consultant has completed your Security Health Check, they will provide a written report with clear recommendations for you to implement.

4. Review Meeting via video conferencing

After you have received the report, you will then have a review meeting where you can discuss the findings with the Consultant.

Why you should use Axess Systems to conduct your Citrix Security Health Check

Here at Axess Systems, we are a Gold Citrix Solution Advisor with specialism in Virtualisation. We are currently one of only eight companies in the UK which have achieved this level of competence. So you can be sure you are working with a proven specialist who will provide you with the insight you need to secure your Citrix infrastructure.

You can find more about our Citrix partnership here.

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Use our FREE Citrix Gateway Security Tool

Grade your Citrix Security

Use our free tool to analyse your current security level for your Citrix remote log-in

Grade Your Citrix Security

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