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Network Health Check

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Summary: Gain independent expert insight into the health and suitability of your IT Network Infrastructure so you can identify aspects to improve security, performance and availability and thereby make investment and improvement decisions with confidence.

Why implement a Network Health Check?

IT Networks are constantly evolving, no more so than in recent times to react and cope with the considerable increase in demand caused by users working from home.

Now, more than ever, it has never been so important to ensure that your Network delivers high performance, high availability and is secure.

It is also often the case you inherited your Network Infrastructure from previous incumbents of your role, so your Network’s documentation is not always available, and its structure can be unclear.

This uncertainty can lead to a feeling that Networks are best left alone. If you don’t alter or change your Network, then it won’t cause you problems.

But this means you could be exposing your organisation to unnecessary risk.

So, where do you start to ensure your Network is in the best possible shape, or you know where to invest in improving?

This is where a Network Health Check from Axess Systems can help you.

By providing you with an independent assessment of your IT Network, you can quickly and confidently identify where you should prioritise your time and investment.

What will you gain after you’ve had a Network Health Check from Axess Systems?

Quite simply, you will have peace of mind.

You will gain insight into your current Network and understand the good and the elements you need to improve.

These improvements can see you eliminate single points of failure reside, identify performance bottlenecks and help you reduce complexity.

And at the same time improve performance, availability and security.

Very happy with the way our first project went. Everyone at Axess Systems I dealt with was very helpful. The consultant was brilliant and really knew his stuff.

IT Manager – Executive Search – South Coast

How will your Network Health Check be structured?
Ed Morton

The Network Health Check is typically a 3-day engagement. It will consist of four stages:

– Discover

– Analyse

– Findings

– Review

1. Discover

One of our experienced Network Consultants will work with you to discuss your concerns and requirements and identify any specific aspects of your Network you want to investigate.

2. Analyse

Once our Network Consultant has a good understanding of your challenges, they will typically analyse and record observations on:

– Physical Topology

– Logical Topology

– Hardware Audit

– End of Life Status

– Software Vulnerabilities

– Network Segmentation

– Quality of Service

– Resilience

– Redundancy and Availability

– Bandwidth

– Security

3. Findings

Following the analyse phase, the consultant will develop a report, produce a network diagram and prepare your actionable list of recommendations.

This actionable report will categorise your findings as either Red, Amber or Green. By doing this, you will have a clear understanding of the actions which require immediate prioritisation.

You will also be aware of areas of misalignment, and we will suggest alternatives as appropriate.

4. Review Meeting via video conferencing

After you have received the report, you will then have a review meeting where you can discuss the findings with the Consultant.

Why you should let Axess Systems conduct your Network Health Check

Here at Axess Systems, we have experienced Network Consultants who have worked at the highest level in industry.

This experience and expertise mean you can be sure you are working with a proven specialist who will provide you with the insight you need to secure your network infrastructure.

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