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Virtualisation Health Check

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Summary: In addition to Citrix Performance, Citrix Security and VMware Health Checks you can also utilise the expertise of our consultants to benchmark your wider virtualised IT infrastructure. This bespoke service is designed around your specific needs and requirements, but will always provide you with clear actions on how you can improve and develop your existing environment.

Why implement a Virtualisation Health Check?

According to our research around one in four IT Managers who run a virtualised IT system are experiencing some level of performance issues.

And when it comes to the time taken to try and discover where the problems lie, it is often difficult and time-consuming.

If you’ve been running your environment for 18 months or more, there’s a fair chance you too will be experiencing performance issues and an increasing number of support calls.

So how do you go about finding the causes of your problems? Especially the underlying one’s you don’t even know.

Identifying configuration issues is notoriously challenging especially when it is a combination of settings that cause the problem.

Being able to identify where problems in your complete virtualised IT infrastructure resides is notoriously tricky.

And this is where through our experience and skills we can identify where your problems are and for each one plan what actions you can take to resolve them.

Covering all of the major virtualisation technology including, Citrix, VMware, Microsoft and associated hardware your Health Check will uncover those issues that are lurking within your system.

Your Virtualisation Health Check will consist of:


The technology we cover

• Citrix

• VMware

• Microsoft

• Veeam

• NetApp

• Dell EMC



The process starts with one of our consultants meeting with you to discuss your environment, what you need the system to do and what challenges you are facing?

The aim is to set the objectives for the Health Check as seen by you and your stakeholders.

And your answers will be used when analysing the test results. They will ensure our recommendations stay focused on areas essential to your business.


Following the discovery meeting, our consultant will examine, scrutinise and analyse your virtualisation infrastructure.

They will dig deep into your system and check against best practice in the following areas:

Administration & Documentation
Application Sets
Individual Servers
Load Evaluators
Policy Review
Access and Security Review
Future Expansion and End-of-Life Issues


Following the analysis, you will receive a detailed report that shows the current condition of your environment and those problems we have uncovered.

It will recommend the steps you should take to resolve those problems and optimise the environment to your objectives.

What next?

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Then we’ll be able to tell you how much, how long and provide any other information you need to make your decision.

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