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IT Infrastructure Assessment – Live Optics

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Summary: When you are looking to buy new IT infrastructure hardware, it is imperative you make decisions based on facts and figures. By using Live Optics, we will gather data from your Digital Infrastructure and analyse your workloads and performance. Our consultant will interpret your data and present back clear and actionable reports. These reports will allow you to make informed investment and sizing based on solid facts, not gut instinct. This service is essential if you are considering renewing Storage, Switching, Cloud or Data Centre infrastructure, or looking to address broader performance issues.

Why implement an IT Infrastructure Assessment with Live Optics?


The IT Infrastructure Assessment is ideal if you are:


Looking to invest in new IT Infrastructure

If you are considering replacing or upgrading your IT Infrastructure, then conducting an IT Infrastructure & Environment Assessment is usually your best starting point for most initiatives.

The reason for this is simple.

Your IT and Digital Infrastructure is unique to you. The way your users work, the demands placed on it, the age of the hardware, and the resources are all going to be different. So there is not going to be a one size fits all solution.

By conducting an assessment, you get a detailed investigation into your network and an in-depth look at the current underlying performance.

When you understand the facts, you can then right size the IT infrastructure for your specific needs. And by doing this, you will avoid over-provisioning, which will result in you wasting budget, or under-provisioning which will result in performance issues and lots of support calls.

Experiencing Performance Issues

In addition to implementing an assessment before undertaking a replacement project, an IT Infrastructure Assessment is a perfect way to identify where you are experiencing performance issues with your data centre infrastructure. By identifying bottlenecks, the performance of your network can be significantly improved.

Your IT Infrastructure Assessment can cover:

– Server and Data Centre Infrastructure

– Files

– Storage

– Data Protection

Here’s the steps we use to deliver your IT Infrastructure Assessment

The assessment is straightforward to implement.

1. Discovery

In the first instance, we will deploy a collector on your platform. This collector will run for a minimum of 14 days, so we gain a representative understanding of your workloads.

2. Analyse

After the Discovery phase, one of our experienced consultants will review the data and start to interpret the results. They will look at the core metrics and assess the implications of both your existing and future Infrastructure needs.

3. Findings

Once the analysis work has been completed, we will present you with a report that shows you exactly how your system is performing.

Depending on the nature of your project we will also provide you with recommendations for your right-sized infrastructure.

Why Axess Systems

Here at Axess Systems we are a Dell EMC Gold Partner and has considerable expertise around implementing Digital Infrastructure.

You can find out more about Why Choose Axess Systems as your trusted IT partner here.

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