vSphere Optimisation Assessment

Giving you visibility of your virtual environment
so you can identify risks, efficiency & cost savings

vSphere Optimisation Assessment (VOA)

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Summary: A FREE review of your existing virtual environment to help you identify and save up to 30% on your CPU, memory and storage costs.

Why implement a FREE vSphere Optimisation Assessment?

Our FREE vSphere Optimisation Assessment (VOA) provides you with clear, actionable insight into your data centre.

It will tell you amongst other things where resources are either over-allocated, meaning you are wasting money and where your resources are under-allocated, thereby impacting on user experience.

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The three stages of your vSphere Optimisation Assessment

Your VOA will provide you with a report which will:

• Assess Configuration Health
• Identify Performance Bottlenecks
• Optimise Capacity

1. Assess Configuration Health

The first stage of the report provides you with an assessment of your configuration. This will help you identify and correct inconsistent cluster, host and VM settings.

Also, it will give you visibility into HA, DR, Admission Control VMware Tools and security

And you’ll also have a clearer view of your compute and storage distribution

2. Identify Performance Bottlenecks

After your VOA has been collecting data for five to seven days, the performance report
will determine if there are problem alerts and help you identify bottlenecks.

We will look at:

Patterns of high Workload: This will be correlated with the ‘Stress report’ and indicates high workload patterns and opportunities to distribute the workload.

• Problem Alerts (under Health): Get recommendations on how to resolve problems.

• CPU Ready: We will look for VMs with 20% or more CPU Ready as this can indicate contention between VMs.

• Host Density Badge Score: A high score indicates the optimal distribution of VMs. A lower score means potential opportunities to consolidate VMs on a host without impacting performance.

3. Optimise Capacity

After the vSphere Optimization Assessment has been collecting data for 21 days, we will run the Capacity Assessment Report

We will look at:

Capacity Utilisation: Identify idle and overprovisioned VMs, discover capacity remaining across CPU, storage and memory, find reclaimable capacity by looking at idle and powered off VMs.

We will pay particular attention to the most significant resource consumers and opportunities to reclaim.

Right-Sizing: Compare actual to recommended CPU, memory and disk.

Host Density/Time Remaining: Make sure you’re not at risk of running out of resources.

VM Snapshots: Clean up old snapshots to reclaim space

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