WiFi & Network Assessment

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WiFi & Network Assessment

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Summary: Implementing a WiFi & Network assessment helps you in many situations. Whether you are looking to address user complaints of poor performance, implement mobility, or move to new premises. Additionally, it enables you to identify any non-business apps which are draining your bandwidth and impacting performance.

Why implement a WiFi & Network Assessment?

With mobility and mobile working moving from a nice to have to a must have, it is not surprising your users expect to be able to fire up whatever device they have and start working.

And whether you work in education, manufacturing or distribution having a reliable WiFi network is paramount for efficiency and productivity.

By working with Axess Systems, we can provide you with an independent assessment of your network and WiFi.

Your WiFi & Network Assessment will consist of:




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Here’s how we will conduct your WiFi Assessment
1. Discover

Before commencing your WiFi & Network Assessment, we will work with you to understand what you are looking to achieve. This will include:

– What devices are you going to use
– How many devices and what demand will they place on your WiFi network
– What applications are to be used and if you have a specific requirement for QoS
– What issues are you currently experiencing with your WiFi

2. Analyse

Once we understand what you are looking to achieve and the performance characteristics associated, we will then analyse your sites.

This will be completed in two stages:

Building Plans Analysis: Ideally, at this stage, we will require your building plans. This will enable us to undertake a software analysis to determine how the WiFi signal travels through your site.

On-site survey: The on-site survey verifies the software modelling, and provides another layer of detail. The onsite consultant will walk the site, and take associated readings and measurements.

3. Presentation of Findings

Once the survey is completed, the consultant will prepare your report. Your report will consist of the location of Access Points, channel setting, power levels and heat maps, which will show you each AP coverage.

If relevant, your report will also detail the recommended hardware and associated pricing.

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As usual, your team of consultants did an excellent job. Their expertise, attention to detail and patience was invaluable in getting this project started and completed on time and budget.

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