Readiness Assessments

How to ensure you are ready to move to new
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Readiness Assessments

Summary: If you are looking to implement new technology a readiness assessment removes the risks and gives you a clear understanding of whether the technology will work and benefit you.

How we help you?

As an IT professional I’m sure you have felt many times when looking at new technology, this seems excellent… but almost immediately then asked yourself the question “will it work for my organisation and me.”

This is where our readiness assessments help you.

They remove the risk of moving to new technology, and provide you with clear insight and provide recommendations as to what direction you should take.

Also, if you think a readiness assessment will always say yes, then think again.

There is a well-known company which implemented one of our readiness assessments, which demonstrated their business-critical applications could not operate in a cloud deployment.

By implementing a Readiness Assessment, they avoided making an expensive mistake by moving to the cloud.

All consultants have been excellent, both in terms of their knowledge and going above and beyond what was strictly necessary to complete the remit of the project

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Choose the Readiness Assessment for your needs

Citrix Cloud Readiness Assessment & PoC

Find out if you and your organisation are ready to move to Citrix Cloud and whether it is right for your business with our Citrix Cloud Readiness Assessment and Proof of Concept.

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GPU Virtualisation Readiness Assessment

Axess Systems is the most experienced GPU Virtualisation partner in the UK. As such our experience means we are perfectly placed to advise and assess how virtual desktops with GPU Virtualisation will enhance your user experience, not just for CAD applications, but for all.

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Office 365 Readiness Assessment

Are you looking to adopt Microsoft Office 365? If you are then our Office 365 Readiness Assessment provides you with the insight so you can be sure you can deploy throughout your organisation.

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