Citrix Cloud Readiness Assessment & PoC

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Citrix Cloud Readiness Assessment & PoC

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Why implement a Citrix Cloud Readiness Assessment & PoC?

If you currently have a Citrix environment and you want to determine if moving some or all of your on-premises solution to Citrix Cloud is the right one, then our Citrix Readiness Assessment and PoC is for you.

Citrix Cloud simplifies the delivery and management of your Citrix environment and helps you to either extend your existing on-premises deployments or move everything to the cloud adopt a cloud strategy to enable transitioning core business services to a cloud platform.

Your Citrix Cloud Readiness Assessment and Proof of Concept will provide you with:

– An analysis of your existing Citrix infrastructure.

– An evaluation of the benefits and risks of moving to a Citrix Cloud model. This includes a cost-benefit analysis of such things as the investment you have made into your hardware and Citrix infrastructure. And will also provide you with guidance on licensing costs.

– A Proof of Concept environment which will allow you to trial the latest versions of Citrix Cloud Virtual Apps & Desktops.

– A presentation of the findings.

– A clear action plan for your Citrix technology.

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How we will deliver your Citrix Cloud Readiness Assessment and PoC

Our in-house Citrix Certified Experts in Virtualisation (CCE-V) will deliver your Citrix Cloud Readiness Assessment and PoC. The CCE-V is the highest level of certification awarded by Citrix and validates the skills of senior IT consultants. And it ensures you are working with the best Citrix consultants in the UK.

Working in partnership with you, your Citrix Cloud Readiness Assessment will consist of:




Findings and Next Actions

1. Discover

Led by one of our in-house CCE-V consultants, you will have a conference call to establish:

– The critical success criteria and what are you looking to achieve from this assignment.

– Understand what your future business and IT plans are in place, and how Citrix supports you with achieving these plans.

– Learn how you currently manage and support your Citrix environment.

– The scope and timing of the assignment

2. Analyse

Following the Discover phase, we will commence the in-depth technical analysis of your existing Citrix environment and associated infrastructure.

This will look at all the factors including:

Availability of your Citrix site
– HA
– Load balancing
– Server groups
– Database configuration

– Hardened against vulnerabilities
– SSL configuration between services
– Network zones between management and VDAs
– Role-based access controls

– CR
– Role-based access controls
– Monitoring (in addition to Director)

Feature Parity
– Making the most of your licensed entitlements

Delivery of resources

– Desktop and application images
– AppLayering
– Location of resources (hardware and datacentre)

Accessing resources
– Devices and users
– Contextual access
– Optimal Gateway Routing

End-user personalisation
– Profile delivery (containers, UPM, Roaming, Ivanti etc…)

End-user optimisation
– Windows services (Citrix optimiser)
– Workspace Environment Manager
– Login times
– Resource optimisations (RAM, CPU, Storage)

3. Design

Once your Analyse phase has been completed, we will design a Proof of Concept environment including a list of prerequisites.

3. Deploy

The deployment of the Proof of Concept will be performed either remotely or on-site, this will be a 30 day Citrix Cloud subscription which can be rolled out into production by procuring a Citrix Cloud subscription.

Within the Citrix Cloud PoC, your Citrix consultant will follow the design created previously and configure a resource location based on a Microsoft Client OS for a VDI workload or a Microsoft Server OS for a multi-user workload. This resource location will either be located on-premises or in a customer managed cloud subscription (either, Azure, AWS, or GCP). In the same location as the resources, an additional Microsoft Server Operating System will be required to host the Citrix Cloud Connector service which connects your resources to the Citrix Cloud resource location.

Your Citrix consultant will also provide integration to your on-premises domain (and Azure Active Directory if subscribed) through Citrix Cloud identity and access management service.

Once the platform is configured, your Citrix consultant will then create a configuration for your end-user optimisations such as profile management and personalisation. This will vary depending on the end users profile (I mean, knowledge worker/task worker here etc…).

At this point, a workshop for knowledge transfer to your Citrix administrators will occur which will consist of basic troubleshooting techniques, management of a Citrix Cloud deployment, demonstrations of Citrix Cloud services, and the end user adoption kit to help you prepare and onboard users to your Citrix Cloud PoC.

3. Presentation of Findings

The final phase of your Citrix Cloud Readiness Assessment will be to present you with a plan for the future development of your Citrix infrastructure.

This will recommend the options open to you and the technical and financial considerations.

Why Axess Systems

Here at Axess Systems, we are a Gold Citrix Solution Advisor with specialism in Virtualisation. We are currently one of only eight companies in the UK which have achieved this level of competence. So you can be sure you are working with a proven specialist who will provide you with the insight you need to make the right investment into your Citrix infrastructure.

You can find more about our Citrix partnership here.

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