GPU Virtualisation Readiness Assessment

Giving you insight so you can assess whether
GPU Virtualisation is right for your users

GPU Virtualisation Readiness Assessment

Starting at £3,800

Summary: This service is perfect if you want to know whether GPU Virtualisation with Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops is right for your users and organisation. It removes all guesswork as this service will benchmark your existing environment, establish whether GPU Virtualisation is suitable, and then provide you with a detailed specification to enable budgeting. It will also highlight the potential for organisational savings and other business benefits for you to develop the business case.

Why implement a GPU Virtualisation Readiness Assessment?

One of the main reasons we used to hear as to why IT leaders wouldn’t consider delivering their IT via virtual apps or desktops was that virtualisation wasn’t able to provide a suitable user experience for highly graphical applications.

However, this isn’t the case anymore.

GPU Virtualisation means it is possible to deliver Citrix virtual apps and desktops to all of your users, for all of your applications.

And it’s not just designers and power users who benefit. With Windows 10 having the highest graphical requirement of any operating system to date, 32% more graphics consumption than Windows 7, you can provide better user experience to all of your users.

What challenges are you facing?

Considering a Windows 10 migration

Want to know if NVIDIA or AMD is right for your users and organisation

Securing business critical Intellectual Property across global offices

Enabling collaboration across design teams

Replacing CAD and high-end workstations

Implementing mobility to workstation users

Reducing user experience support tickets

Here are the three steps we use to deliver your GPU Virtualisation Readiness Assessment

Your GPU Virtualisation Readiness Assessment will be delivered in three phases. It will consist of:


  • Discover
  • Analyse
  • Findings
1. Discover

Your Senior Virtualisation & Cloud Consultant will schedule a conference call to determine your success criteria and problem statement. This will set out what applications you are looking to deliver to your users.

2. Analyse

During this phase of the assignment, one of our experienced consultants will conduct the following analysis and benchmarking of your environment.


  • Application Analysis
  • Processor Analysis
  • Memory Analysis
  • Disk Drive Analysis – read input & output and writes input and output.
  • GPU Analysis
  • Latency Analysis
  • Bandwidth Analysis
3. Presentation of Findings

Once the benchmarking work is complete, you will receive the definitive answer as to whether GPU Virtualisation is right for you and your organisation.


You will receive a personal report which details:


  • All of the analysis and findings which has gone into making our recommendation
  • The specification for your Citrix and GPU infrastructure which will enable you to prepare budgetary costs.
  • In addition, you will receive insight into the other benefits we feel you would achieve by implementing Citrix with GPU Virtualisation.
Why you should use Axess Systems for your GPU Virtualisation Readiness Assessment

Here at Axess Systems, we are a Gold Citrix Solution Advisor with a specialism in Virtualisation. We are currently one of only eight companies in the UK which have achieved this level of competence. So you can be sure you are working with a proven specialist who will provide you with the insight you need to make the right investment into your Citrix infrastructure.


Axess Systems has been implementing GPU Virtualisation technology since the technology was first launched. Our knowledge and expertise of the technology has seen us work with some of the UK’s largest manufacturing and engineering companies.


We have an in-house GPU Virtualisation demo environment, which you can book here.

You can find more about our Citrix partnership here.

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