Home Working Readiness Service

Ensuring your Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
can deliver home and remote working

Home Working Readiness Service

Starting at £1,250

Summary:  This service forms part of your business continuity planning. In the event of an incident where you need to increase the number of home workers and scale your IT Infrastructure for a limited time, this provides you with operational and business resilience.

The service provides you with a high-level design, costed and time-based implementation plan, with the ability to utilise a reserved Cloud Platform to enable accelerated implementation.

Why implement a Home Working Readiness Service?

By implementing a Home Working Readiness Service, you have a ready-made plan if you need to scale your IT infrastructure to cope with an increase in the amount of home or remote workers.

This service can help you mitigate the effects of adverse weather, which prevents your users commuting to an office, as well as global pandemics.

Depending on the level of readiness you want to achieve, this can also include reserving cloud compute and storage to effect an even quicker implementation time.

Your Home Working Readiness Service will consist of three phases:

1. Discover

2. Design & Plan

3. Activation

Your Home Working Readiness Service can cover:

– Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
(formerly Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop)

– Microsoft WVD

– Microsoft RDS

– VPN Solutions

Here’s the three steps we use to deliver your Home Working Readiness Service
1. Discover

In the first instance, you will work with one of our Certified Experts in Virtualisation to review your existing IT Infrastructure, and its capability to facilitate remote working.

They will work through a detailed checklist to determine your user requirements, endpoints, existing infrastructure, connectivity, speed of implementation, licencing, hardware, data protection issues, security and user experience.

2. Design & Plan

When the analysis of data from the Discover phase is concluded, the consultant will deliver:

– A high-level design
– A fully costed licencing plan with financing options (Capex or Opex)
– IT capacity analysis and remediation plan
– High-level project implementation plan
– Time to implement
– Feature overview

3. Activation

Once the design is finalised, the implementation stage can be delayed until your business needs dictate activation. Implementation and scaling of your remote working capabilities may be facilitated within your existing IT infrastructure should the necessary capacity be available, or extending into our Managed Cloud Platform to leverage additional capacity on a flexible pay-as-you-go Opex pricing model.

By utilising a Managed Cloud Platform for your business continuity, it not only removes the necessity to procure additional hardware, but it also allows you to shorten the implementation period.

Why you can trust Axess Systems

Here at Axess Systems we have a 20 year history of implementing multiple remote working solutions such as RDS (Remote Desktop Services), WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop) and Citrix.

We are a Microsoft Partner, and a certified Gold Citrix Solution Advisor with a specialism in Virtualisation.

We are currently one of only eight companies in the UK which have achieved this level of competence with Citrix technologies, underpinning the fact that you are working with a proven specialist who will provide you with the insight and clarity you need to make the right investment within your IT environment.

You can find more about our Citrix partnership here.

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