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Office 365 Readiness Assessment

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Summary: Before deciding to migrate to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications, this readiness assessment provides you with a thorough review of the benefits, challenges, risks and costs you will face.

By implementing a Readiness Assessment, you will avoid common mistakes, and ensure you get the most from your investment. And also deliver a competitive advantage to your organisation.

Why implement a Microsoft Office 365 Readiness Assessment?


I’m sure you’ll agree that the promise of achieving improved productivity, collaboration and moving to an OpEx payment model is attractive. And this is a core driver why IT leaders are turning to Office 365.

But we see on many occasions where IT leaders have leapt into deciding to migrate without proper planning. This then fails to achieve the full range of benefits and means they miss out on creating real competitive advantages.

And this is why our Microsoft Office 365 Readiness Assessment will be valuable to you.

By working in partnership with you, one of our experienced virtualisation and cloud consultants will provide you with:

– An independent assessment of your existing digital infrastructure and its suitability to migrating to Office 365.

– Identify the best Office 365 licencing subscription model for your organisation.

– Provide you with associated costs with deployment, training, licencing and on-going support.

– Highlight any technical issues associated with your migration.

– Ensure your expectations of the benefits of migrating to Office 365 can be achieved.

All of this means you will avoid the common mistakes people make and ensure your migration is successful.

Your Microsoft Office 365 Readiness Assessment can cover:

How we will deliver your Microsoft Office 365 Readiness Assessment

This assessment is aligned with our ISO27001 certified ITSM principals and follows our structured engagement methodology.

It will save you time and give you the benefit of our experience and expertise in this area.

1. Discover

We will kick off your readiness assessment with a high-level workshop. This workshop will give you the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and plans with an experienced Microsoft specialist.

And it will also establish what you are looking to achieve, and your key success criteria.

2. Analyse

Following the workshop, we will then commence a complete assessment of your current environment.


This will include:


  • A review of your current relevant digital infrastructure including Active Directory.
  • A review of current interoperability between applications and subscribed services in line with your business processes.
  • A review of your current subscriptions to determine whether they meet your future business needs.
3. Presentation of Findings

The findings and recommendations will provide you with a clear, actionable report which will consist of:

– Executive Summary
– Detailed Action Report which is details risks via a RAG status. (Red, Amber, Green)
– Key Recommendations
– Next Steps

Want to find out more?

Following your Readiness Assessment, you will know if Microsoft Office 365 is right for you, and whether you want to migrate.

We can provide you with a migration service, and you can find more details on Implementation and Delivery Service here.

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