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Summer Workshop 2022

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When the pandemic struck in March 2020, there was an unprecedented need to role out wide-scale remote working quickly, and at any cost.

Without any guides or previous experience to lean on, IT Leaders heroically stepped up to the plate, stopping at nothing to make sure their students’ learning was unaffected.

Though, more than two years on, and with their three-year refresh cycle around the corner, we’re seeing increasing numbers of IT Leaders coming to us in search of long-term solutions, focused on the future, rather than the here and now.

If you can relate to this situation, we’d be more than happy to help.

Here at Axess Systems, we have comprehensive experience in the education sector, including technical specialists who have themselves worked in colleges and schools.

They’d be pleased to have a chat with you about your current situation, and what you are hoping to achieve.

“Having been around educational IT for some time, I understand that I know what I know, but when I know I don’t know, I turn to Axess Systems to design a bespoke and intelligent solution pulling from a range of specialist engineers I don’t have. They were my go to people when a disaster landed in my inbox, and within two days and very little information, we had a three-week recovery that has lasted. If you need technical help, and you are the technical help, do what I do and go to Axess Systems.”

IT Director, Eastern Learning Alliance

Whether you’re weighing up Microsoft AVD and Citrix workspace, need to upgrade your Wi-Fi or refresh your servers and storage, our experts have done it all.

In response, we’re offering a free workshop for IT Leaders in education to discuss any challenges they may be facing with our experts.

It’s a great opportunity to get a second opinion on any future plans you may have, from our education specialists.

By tapping in to their vast experience in the sector, you can be confident that you’ve covered all bases and that you’ve chosen the most suitable solution.

And you never know, they could suggest something that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise, potentially saving you time and money.

As always, this all comes with our firm ‘no obligations’ policy. If you attend our workshop, there’s certainly no expectation to work with us going forward.

Though it might be that you’d like us to assist, in which case we’d be happy to help.

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